Monday, July 28, 2008

Fashion Show.

When I was a kid, my niece and I used to put on "back to school fashion shows" for our parents and grandparents...much to their delight, I'm sure.
Anyway, when I mentioned this to the kids, they were all over it. What hams. I wonder where they get it from?
So, in lieu of the new school year (which started today for Carter) I give you the first annual Brendle Back To School Fashion Show.

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Liz said...

I can't believe how old Carter looks!! Quinn's & Avery's haircuts are so cute. Your kids are lucky to get new school clothes. We're so house poor our kids will be wearing last year's line - no tags attached :(

Jodi Simon said...

Very nice. Short hair on the girls? Where is that story. Very nice outfits. I saw some shirts I need to check out for Damian. I,m a copy cat.

Emily said...

loved the catch up on vacation, marriage, quinn, and fashion. That was a great show, can't believe how much Avery looks like you. And I'm diggin' all the new hair cuts! P.S. I'll be out there the promised land in several weeks and would love to get together with the munchkins. Chris' sister's wedding is on the 16th and I'm sticking around SLC until the next Tuesday. Although I love and adore your blog, some legit face time would be fantastic--you guys around?

Ashlyn said...

that was funny i loved how Avery posed and my clothes don't have tags on them darn that slide show was cool

crush said...

That is so funny- we totally used to do fashion shows, too. I'm going to have to have my kids do one for us, too. The kids are so cute, by the way!

Cindy said...

the double tops are darling.
Pretty handsome there Carter.

6deans said...

OK you are so creative. You made me laugh with your anniversary. I knew your blog would be entertaining. It was fun to talk to you today.