Thursday, October 30, 2008

My little goblins.

Mmmmm, some Halloween candy...I would like.

...and NO, I did not forget about Carter. Tomorrow is his school parade so I will be sure to add pics then. What kind of parent do you think I am?...wait don't answer that.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I've been BOO-ed.

I woke up this morning to find that I had been boo-ed. A fun, little, festive surprise. I will be so sad when Halloween is over. Not just because it is my very most favorite holiday, but because the next two holidays will be a little up in the air...what with all the house stuff going on. Hopefully, we will at least be settled by Christmas so that I can put a tree up and possibly a few decorations. Oh, and if you are reading this post...consider yourself boo-ed. Pick up your picture here and post it on your blog. Happy Halloweenie!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Another Weekend Update.

I am happy to report that this weekend was uneventful. Chad and I are exhausted both mentally and physically as we juggle selling a house and buying a house simultaneously. To be honest, I'm not sure what is more draining...buying or selling...but I will say that I do not plan on doing either again for a very long time.
I have finally posted pics of the ol' money sucker. Just think of the potential...that's what I keep telling myself.
Oh, one fun thing we did do this weekend was attend our ward trunk-or-treat and our good friends, the Memmott's, Halloween party. I love all of the fun Halloween festivities. I'm finding that the excessive sugar rush adds to my exhaustion, but all of that heavenly chocolate is totally worth it.

Pics from the trunk-or-treat. Not sure what happened to the camera. The last half of my pics came out all blurry. And since these are the only pics I have of the girls...

Black cat Avery.

Cheetah Quinn.

My little "oda", as Beckham calls it, and Carter-wan-kenobi.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Weekend Update.

I know the weekend is only half over, but quite a few things have happened and I thought I might share.
1- Avery lost her very first baby tooth. I know it doesn't sound exciting, but I think she's the last one out of all her friends to lose a tooth. It was a momentous occasion for her. She was a little miffed this morning when she woke to zilch under her pillow (I had fallen asleep early last night and forgotten to "help" the tooth fairy). Lucky for her, mama's a sly little fox. While she and I were chatting about the dudder tooth fairy I very discreetly stuffed two dollars under her pillow and then suggested she check one more time. Such a tender moment; definately mother of the year material.
2- Had to utilize my own five hundred dollar tip and try to dislodge yet another plastic bead shoved up Beckham's nose hole. Thankfully, I was able to talk the ol' man into performing the deed. Worked like a charm. Found the "sticky" culprit stuck to Chad's cheek. Father of the year material?...I think so.
3- Already had someone come and look at the house and it isn't even on the market yet. A friend from the ward who just moved in mentioned that she had some friends in the market to buy. They stopped in for a few minutes today to check things out. I know better than to be optomistic at this point, but man, it sure would be nice to get the thing sold...even better without the use of realtors...cha-ching.
As much as I would like to hope that all the weekend excitement has been exhausted I still have three hours of church to attend; which means, you will most likely be able to check back tomorrow for the second installment of weekend update. Perhaps I should just start a weekly post entitled Sunday Shenanigans.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


It appears that I inadvertantly shared a little private info before I was supposed to. So, everyone please dismiss the "baby ticker" post. Forget you ever saw it. I'll repost it again in three months when we are out of the danger zone.
Don't ask me how one accidentally posts breaking news like this without knowing about it. But, leave it to me to find a way. It appears "pregnancy brain" has struck again; extremely early on. I think my case is terminal.
Good thing were have a little extra room as it appears we will be needing it sooner than we thought.
And, thanks but no thanks. (I know what you are all thinking...if we need someone to sit us down and explain our birth control options. Surprisingly, this incident was planned...sort of. Don't worry I won't explain.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Extra, Extra.

Latest breaking Brendle news: we are moving. I am sorry to say that we have chosen to bid farewell to the place we have called home for the past five years. After a lot of fence sitting, on both mine and Chad's part, we have finally decided that it is time to close the Fruitwood chapter of our book and start anew. We are sad to leave our friends (who have become family) and our neighborhood and our ward, but we both feel strongly that it is time to move on.
We have purchased a home, I use the term loosely...a better description would be hole, pit and/or dump, in Draper. However, this dump boasts 4700 square feet, which is a great improvement from our humble 2300. It also sits on more than half an acre, which means we can buy those chickens I have always wanted. You think I'm joking, but I'm not. Ever since I saw Martha do a segment on chickens, I have always wanted some of my own. So, anyone in the market for organic know who to call.
Fortunately, the structure is sound, but is in major need of TLC...unfortunately love does not come cheap, at least in this situation.
I have decided to start a new blog, aptly entitled HOME-LY, which will follow our progress as we transform our dream home "from pig sty, to totally fly". Feel free to join us. And, if any of you intelligent and highly educated peeps have any recommendations for appliances, flooring, granite, sub-contractors...who's good, who to avoid, where the best prices are etc, please feel free to share. Any and all suggestions welcome.
Also, if you know anyone in the market for renting please refer them to us. We will have a two bed, one bath basement apartment, new kitchen, paint and carpet ready for occupancy, hopefully by mid November. If our Fruitwood home doesn't sell by December, well then, that home will be available to rent too.
Ta-ta for now. I'm off to obsess over drawer pulls.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Future Mother of the Year?

So, I just finished blogging about my amazing concert experience and the kids just informed me that while I had been engaging in a little ME TIME, Beckham had been shoving plastic beads up his nose hole.
Thankfully I happen to be an expert in the field of nostril foreign objects. How did I become so? Allow me to share. When Carter was two and a half he shoved a piece of rubber bouncy ball up his nasal orifice. Due to it's awkward shape and smooth surface the rubber was virtually impossibe to remove with any household tool...i.e. tweezers, needle nose pliers. Not to mention that everytime I "went in" the rubber seemed to retreat further into the nasal passage. I finally resigned and took the kid to the E.R. Five hours and five hundred dollars later I left the ER, broke, tired, but enlightened.
Here's what I five hundred dollar tip; first, close off the unobstructed nostril with a finger, next cover the child's mouth with your own mouth, making sure to create a perfect seal, finally blow gently, yet firmly (as to not break the seal) into the child's mouth...and voila...out shoots the foreign body; creating a virtual "nasal geyser".
I am happy to report that little Beckham's nose hole is free and clear of any obstruction. Fortunately I was able to catch a perfectly timed sneeze which enabled me to avoid using the "mouth to mouth" technique. I simply held Beckham's mouth shut and the force from the sneeze blew the platic beads...all four of them...right on out.
While the forced projectile technique maybe slimy and a little nauseating it has "saved my bacon" more than once. Hopefully this little info nugget will be a helpful addition to your parenting arsenal as has been to mine.
And yes, I do believe this heroic act has brought me one, teeny, tiny step closer to the title Mother of the Year. The road is long and the destination distant, but hopefully someday I'll get there.


I really should be preparing my presentation for a stake primary meeting I have to attend tonight...but lets get real...I'd much rather be blogging about my fabulously ear-shattering experience at the Weezer concert Tuesday night.
The night couldn't have started out better...with kids at the sitter and a loaded sweet potater from TRH in my bellee. After gorging til the point of near purging, Chad and I along with our good friends the Memmott's headed off to the concert.
The first two acts were okay, but frankly, I found it more amusing to watch concert goers. I should not judge, I know, especially when I have probably been the source of others amusement, but I couldn't take my eyes off a certain girl who was...well, a freak honestly...but I mean that in the most non-judgemental and kindest way possible. It was like watching a train wreck; I couldn't take my eyes off her. She was seriously in la-la land...twirling and swirling and frolicking with delight.
Initially I thought it might be the booze a-talking, but then I noticed she was not sporting the yellow wristband of drunkeness. Anywho, to you freaky, dancing girl, wherever you may be, thank you for keeping me entertained.
Finally the headliners, my biz-oyz, Weezer took the stage...and then I became the freaky, dancing old lady. But I did not care. Mostly because everyone around me was too inebriated to notice.
The boyz were an amamzing live act. At one point they had a group of thirty-ish concert goers take the stage and play with them. They interacted with the crowd throughout the entire concert. It was really awesome. As you can tell, I am like a giddy school girl when it comes to my music.
All in all it was a great night, topped of with a near brawl with an intoxicated concert goer. Don't worry Mike, everybody knows you would have totally col' cocked home slice's block off. But I was all prepared to kick him in his man goods just in case you needed back up (must have been the post concert adrenaline talking).
And now I leave you with some of favorite Weezer songs for your listening pleasure. In order to recieve full concert effect please turn speakers up to full blast, then place ear over said speaker. For added effect have your children scream at the top of their lungs whilst staggering with a beer in hand. ENJOY.