Thursday, October 9, 2008


I really should be preparing my presentation for a stake primary meeting I have to attend tonight...but lets get real...I'd much rather be blogging about my fabulously ear-shattering experience at the Weezer concert Tuesday night.
The night couldn't have started out better...with kids at the sitter and a loaded sweet potater from TRH in my bellee. After gorging til the point of near purging, Chad and I along with our good friends the Memmott's headed off to the concert.
The first two acts were okay, but frankly, I found it more amusing to watch concert goers. I should not judge, I know, especially when I have probably been the source of others amusement, but I couldn't take my eyes off a certain girl who was...well, a freak honestly...but I mean that in the most non-judgemental and kindest way possible. It was like watching a train wreck; I couldn't take my eyes off her. She was seriously in la-la land...twirling and swirling and frolicking with delight.
Initially I thought it might be the booze a-talking, but then I noticed she was not sporting the yellow wristband of drunkeness. Anywho, to you freaky, dancing girl, wherever you may be, thank you for keeping me entertained.
Finally the headliners, my biz-oyz, Weezer took the stage...and then I became the freaky, dancing old lady. But I did not care. Mostly because everyone around me was too inebriated to notice.
The boyz were an amamzing live act. At one point they had a group of thirty-ish concert goers take the stage and play with them. They interacted with the crowd throughout the entire concert. It was really awesome. As you can tell, I am like a giddy school girl when it comes to my music.
All in all it was a great night, topped of with a near brawl with an intoxicated concert goer. Don't worry Mike, everybody knows you would have totally col' cocked home slice's block off. But I was all prepared to kick him in his man goods just in case you needed back up (must have been the post concert adrenaline talking).
And now I leave you with some of favorite Weezer songs for your listening pleasure. In order to recieve full concert effect please turn speakers up to full blast, then place ear over said speaker. For added effect have your children scream at the top of their lungs whilst staggering with a beer in hand. ENJOY.


Malea said...

Seriously dude, you crack me up. Great fun reading your posts and trying to hang with your lingo.

6deans said...

So I just need to know...was there a hug after the concert between Chad and the other male in company? I know...I am sure my Mike has been replaced with the other Mike in Chad's life...Sounds like you guys had a great time.

brendleca said...

Nope no hug. I think Chad was a little startled by the "crazy" he saw in Mike's eyes when our little sloppy joe tried to pick a fight with him. In a nutshell, I think Chad was too scared to hug it out with Mike.

Kedra Simpson said...

I am super jealous!! They are one of my favorite bands and I was just telling Chad that the baby probably won't mind going to the concert...they are in town now or soon!!!