Monday, May 26, 2008

Darn You Mother's Intuition ( A Fed-Up Mother's Rant)

I'm not sure if this is appropriate blogging material, but I'm going to divulge anyway, because sometimes a mother just needs to rant.
A couple of weeks ago, one of my little dears got into a name calling match at school (he claims he was just defending one of his buddies). Consequently, a phone call was made to me by his teacher. Apparently, Carter had been one of many who had participated, and his supposed word of choice was "hugger" (at least according to him). Mother's intuition tells me that there was probably a "butt" or "weenie" or some other lude body part preceding said word, but he insists he only called his classmate a "hugger", a plain, old "hugger". Chad and I explained that coming to the verbal defense of a friend, though noble, was not the appropriate measure and that the next time a friend is in trouble he should immediately find an adult. Oh, we also told him to delete all unsavory words from his memory, pronto. He was sentenced to a week and a half of grounding and Chad and I thought we had nipped the issue in the bud.
Fastforeword now to yesterday. Mind you, it is the sabbath. I am standing in front of the entire relief society singing a song with a group of sisters. I see the relief society door open a crack and curiously watch as the lone eyeball scans the room and finally rests on me. My mother's intuition immediately tells me that there has been an incident. What kind of incident I don't know. I try to finish the remainder of the song as calmly as I can, all the while my mind picturing one my kids bleeding profusley out in the hall. I do a mental check of the all the kids and their whereabouts (let's see, Quinn was with me. I could see her sitting quietly on the front row. Chad had taken Beckham home for a nap. Avery was in class and Carter...Carter. Oh crap, Carter). My mind immediatley reverted back to the previous school experience and I knew...this was no medical emergency.
The song ended and I braced myself for the disaster awaiting me outside in the hall. I opened the door and was immediately swarmed by members of the primary presidency. My intuition had been correct. In a nutshell, Carter had been singing along to a familiar primary song and decided to take the musical liberty of adding a little of "his flava". By that I mean, throwing in a choice word that had never before graced the lyrics. I told the presidency the issue would be dealt with the privacy of our home...where the full wrath of mom could be unleashed.
Fortunately, for Carter, I had about twenty minutes to cool off before heading home to deal with the issue. And I'm not gonna lie, I made it very clear to Carter that if I ever had to deal with this issue again...ever, I would make his life a living you know what. But I said it ever so calmly and lovingly. He was sentenced to yet another weeks grounding in addition to some hard labor, which I intend on taking full advantage of.
Why do I share this very private, not-so-proud moment you may wonder? Well, I guess my purpose in sharing this experience is one of warning (for you mother's with young kids...see what you have to look forward to. Oh yes, it can happen to you. Somehow, somewhere your child will pick up one of these flavorful words and will test it out, most likely in front of the bishop or some other prominent acquaintance). My purpose is also one of inquiry (for you mother's with experience...please, please tell me it gets easier-even though my intuition tells me it probably doesn't. And if it doesn't, tell me then the secret to dealing with it).
Any and all pertinent advice welcome. Also, stay tuned, mother's intuition tells me there may be a sequal.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Sister's New Book

So, my sister's newest book just came out and I have to give her props. I feel very lucky to have such a rich and famous person as a my sister:) Not to mention the fact that she is totally fun and awesome and a great example to me. I know I might be biased, but A Modest Proposal is one of my favorites this week. I give it two thumbs up!!! By the way if anybody wants or needs a copy, I might have some connections.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

So Long Mick St. John

Everyone sit down. There has been a tragedy of catastrophic proportions-I exaggerate, but only a little- my favorite tv series, Moonlight, has gotten the axe. I know this probably sounds totally ridiculous but I have been so depressed today knowing that my little honey of a vampire will not be paying me a visit again next fall. Oh, dear Mick, even though you are a blooksucker I still love you and will surely miss your handsome face, fangs and all. Can I just add, THANKS A LOT ALICIA FOR GETTING ME HOOKED ON THIS STUPID SHOW!!! And yes, I am yelling at you.

The sun has come at last, but I'm not holding my breath.

The last two days have been absolutely beautiful...warm and sunny. If I didn't know any better I might even think it was summer. But those of you familiar to the tease that is SLC weather knows to enjoy the warmth and sun while you can, because tomorrow there could be a freakin' blizzard.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Dirty Laundry

I just visited a good friends blog and saw that she was sharing all her dirty laundry- literally. And, I thought, what a fabulous idea. I'll share mine too. This is for the honey...who wonders what the heck I do all day.

It appears that Avery is just as happy as I am to do the laundry.

Does anybody else lay in their dirty laundry and imagine it's a beautiful, tropical beach or is just me? Note the Christmas towel. For the record, it's new, and until recently, unused. I just didn't want anyone thinking that it takes me six months to get around to things.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Preschool Graduation

Yesterday was Avery's preschool graduation. It's crazy to think that in just a few months I will have another child in school and only one left at home. Where did all the time go?