Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Dirty Laundry

I just visited a good friends blog and saw that she was sharing all her dirty laundry- literally. And, I thought, what a fabulous idea. I'll share mine too. This is for the honey...who wonders what the heck I do all day.

It appears that Avery is just as happy as I am to do the laundry.

Does anybody else lay in their dirty laundry and imagine it's a beautiful, tropical beach or is just me? Note the Christmas towel. For the record, it's new, and until recently, unused. I just didn't want anyone thinking that it takes me six months to get around to things.


Emily said...

I love that your posting proof of a busy day! I feel like I am so often having to explain that, NO, I do not spend my day watching movies and picking daisies with the children. And the laundry as a paradise--genius! We just need to convince the other family members.

brittanyc said...

So this was an amusing post. Some days even I wonder what in the heck I did all's hard to count laundry and dishes and making lunch and all that good stuff as accomplishments! I did love the Christmas towel and I am glad it has not been in the bottom of the basket since the holidays :).