Saturday, June 28, 2008

Rank Advancement

It's been over a week since Carter's belt promotion and I'm finally getting around to this post. Not because I was too busy playing with kids or tied up doing laundry, but because every time I sat down to write about it my mind would shut down.
And what started out as a simple post about a simple childhood accomplishment has turned into a deep, introspective look at myself and why it is I'm suffering from the dreaded writers block.
Is it because I've been re-reading the Twilight series (in anticipation of Breaking Dawn's release) and my mind's overcome with thoughts of Edward? Could be.
Could it be because the Junior Mints and soda, sometimes Kool-Aid, I ingest daily are starting to lose their "stimulating" affect on me? Hope not.
Is it because my brain is constantly innundated with thousands of demands and questions by four, cute, yet very persistant little people? Possibly.
Here I sit, ten days after the event took place and I've concluded that my dilemma is most likely a mixture of all these things combined with the fact that I have very little knowledge of the martial arts. Truthfully, the latter is probably the primary contributor to my writers block. Apparently The Karate Kid is not the foremost source for all things karate. (I must say I was really hoping the see some "waxing on, waxing off" and "painting the fence"). Oh well.
Here's what I know, or at least observed. First, Carter was asked to perform a series of kicks, punches and rolls. All of which he performed perfectly. Next, he had to "spar", ha ha there's a technical term for ya, with his instructor. Again, perfect. Finally he had to perform a series of endurance tasks i.e. push-ups and sit-ups. Once again, perfect. After all that he waited to find out if he had done well enough to advance, which he did. He advanced from a "plain yellow belt" to a "yellow belt with a white stripe". See, limited knowledge. Carter was very proud of himself as were Chad and I. It's always great to see your child succeed. Well done, Carter-sahn. You've made us proud.

The very intimidating "grand counsel of karate dudes".

Future Rockette???



The great deliberation. Whatever you do, don't look 'em in the eyes.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tag! I'm It.

3 Joys

1- Family. My family is awesome. My abs always get a workout for laughing so much and so hard when we're together.

2- Friends. It's good to have partners in crime.

3- Music. I could not live without my ipod. Sad, maybe, but true. (In a fomer life I think I would have been in a rock band)

3 Fears

1- Snakes. For obvious reasons. (Sometimes my cat looks like a snake. Like when she is yawning. It freaks me out.)

2- Death of a loved one. (Especially Chad or one of my kiddos.) I know it's ineveitable, but it still scares me.

3- Flying. I loathe it. The whole time flying home from Cancun I just knew our plane was going down. It was the worst, most anxiety filled five hours of my life. I'd rather give birth to a twenty pound baby, without medication, than fly on an airplane.

3 Current Obsessions

1- EDWARD!!! (Chad hates him. I mean, that's a lot to compete with) It would be like me competing with Angelina Jolie...if she had morals and standards that is.

2- Junior Mints. I eat a box a day. Maybe that's why I can't lose weight. Hmmm.

3- Door Knobs. I've been changing over all the door knobs in the house to dark bronze.

3 Random/Surprising Facts About Myself

1- Some of you may already know this, but I was a Sterling Scholar in Foreign Language. Sprechen sie Deutsch?

2- I completed a two year course for writing children's literature. (Once upon a time I thought I wanted to write and illustrate children's books.)

3- I just cut my hair like a boy.

3 People I Tag

1- Malea (cause I want to see a new post on your blog)

2- Kedra (cause, just cause)

3- Kim (cause you tagged me)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Dance Recital

Last night was Avery's dance recital. At the risk of sounding proud, I must say that Avery was the cutest kid on stage. I was very impressed to see her confidently march out leading the rest of her class. Up until last night she had informed me she was finished dancing. (As if she has a choice. Apparently she's too young to notice me living vicariously through her. She's already signed up for next year). To my relief, however, she informed Chad and I on the way home that she wanted to continue dancing so that she could be in the Nutcracker just like her cousin, Andie. (I was not looking forward to dragging her kicking and screaming to dance all next year). That was a proud parental moment for Chad and I. It's always nice to see your children show a little ambition. We'll see how long it lasts.
Anywho, without further ado, heeeeerrreeee's Avery (and Quinn-an honorary dancer. She was signed up to dance, but petered out half way through the year. But not until after her overly-priced costume had been purchased...naturally.) Oh and just in case you are wondering, they put on Disney's Aladdin. Avery is obviously a little genie and Quinn was supposed to be a monkey. I'll try to upload video asap. I'm sure your all on pins and needles about it.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Sorry about the changing backgrounds. As with most things, I cannot make up my mind.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


So...the girls have been asking to give me a makeover. I stalled as long as I could. Here's the new me. You likey? Who knew bright pink lip stick looked so good? (it's actually a combination of every lip stick color in the girls' arsenal, surprisingly it turned out this beautiful hue of cotton candy pink)


Work it girl!!!

Oh no! Now what?

What did I just get myself into?

Lady in action. (Vee can vork vis zis!)

Monday, June 16, 2008

What was lost, is now found!

Sorry, tis not my mind that I speak of.
So, Friday morning I lost my wallet. One minute I had it, the next I didn't. (I told you my "scatterbrainedness" was becoming a major problem.) Anyway, after retracing all of my steps, calling the grocery store where I'd most recently had my wallet...twice, and combing the parking lot of said store, still no luck. I decided to err on the side of caution and canceled all of my cards and closed my checking account (there was a full book of checks in it). Then I remembered all of the irreplaceables I'd left in my wallet i.e. immunization records, pictures, cash. So frustrating. Needless to say, I was a nervous wreck, constantly checking my account online just to make sure no one had beat me to the punch. As big a hassle as it was, I was relieved to know that I'd taken care of all the loose ends.
Fast foreward to Saturday evening, I see a voicemail on my cell phone. I listen to it and hear someone from the grocery store tell me they have my wallet. Okay, first I was relieved, but then I was mad. What the heck! I had called them twice, searched their parking lot and surrounding areas had Chad stop by and see if they had it, had a friend stop by and ask if they had it(she actually told them to "look harder". Thanks girlfriend!) The people knew me by name from how much I had talked to them. Now, I'm wondering why it took them so long to suddenly realize that, yes, they did have my wallet. Anyway, that's beside the point. I got my wallet back, and was very gracious about it, although most of it's contents is now obselete. And, now at least, I won't have to keep wondering where the heck it could be. Trust me, one less thing to plague my mind the better. But, I have to wonder where this progress of forgetfulness will lead me. What will I forget at the store next? A child...two children...heaven forbid the neighbors child? Yikes.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Father's Day

In lieu of recent, tragic events this father's day will be especially poignant. The past few days I've realized how often I've take my honey for granted. I am so lucky to have Chad in my life. I love him so much and don't know what I would do if he were to ever leave our family. I want him to know that, even after twelve years of marriage, I am still as much in love with him as the day I met him.
I love you Chad! Happy Father's Day. Here are fifty reasons I love no particular order. (I could write more, but I think my fellow bloggees might puke.)
1- You shower daily
2- You have a sweet tooth (almost as big as mine)
3- You enjoy clothes shopping (probaly more than me)
4- You practice great oral hygiene
5- Carter
6- Quinn
7- Avery
8- Beckham
9- You cook
10- You accept my infatuation with a certain vampire (Helllllllo Edward!)
11- You make me laugh
12- You honor your priesthood
13- You are kind
14- You love steak
15- You have freakishly soft feet
16- You have great hair
17- You smell good
18- You love going to music concerts (almost as much as me)
19- You are, for the most part, tidy
20- You are a great gift giver
21- You aren't uber hairy
22- You have soft lips
21- You worry about our kids
22- You are super smart
23- You are strong
24- You are my best friend
25- You let me beat you at Boggle
26- You like to have fun
27- You never tell me to quit spending money
28- You let me party with my girlfriends
29- You tell me I'm beautiful
30- You are considerate
31- You like to cuddle
32- You are grounded in the gospel
33- You are a wonderful teacher
34- You take care of us
35- You are honest
36- You enjoy helping others
37- You are a nerd (I mean that in the best possible way)
38- You watched Mansfield Park with me (even though you would have rather been playing Halo)
39- You bring me flowers for no reason
40- You are a romantic
41- You like Hannah Montana (I can't wait to see you again...)
42- You clean the house
43- You change poopy diapers
44- You play with the kids
45- You love soccer and tennis (the only two sports I can tolerate)
46- You support my addiction to blogging, most of the time
47- You help in the nursery when I'm short handed
48- You love your family
49- You love the gospel
50- You love your friends

Songs That Remind Me Of You

Friday, June 13, 2008


Today I lost my wallet. I can't find it anywhere. I dread the thought of calling all my credit card companies. I dread the thought of getting a new license (I just did it in March). I am really starting to get frustrated.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sad News

I have some very sad news. I just learned last night that a family friend lost her husband. She is a cute, young mother with a little girl and one on the way. I can't imagine what she must be thinking and feeling right now. I know she is a perfect stranger to all of you, but I share this because I think she could use all the prayers she can get. Please keep her in your thoughts.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I already lost my keys today.

Mental Update #2

Hey everyone, I'm okay, things are good. I found my bed and slept well. Apologies for the minor freak out yesterday. Usually I save that kind of behavior for behind closed doors, now I'm sharing it with everyone on my blog. I'll try to have better judgement next time.
I've had an epiphany. I'd like to share. I am a mother! I am a mother to four ridiculously active and demanding children (aren't all children?) Life is crazy (as I'm sure you can all relate). That's all there is to it. Being a mom is a crazy job and something's gotta give. Granted I may come across as a scatterbrained, frazzled freak who doesn't always have it together. But, the kids are always dressed, and fed (okay, most of the time-refer to previous post), and are, for the most part, happy. Anything beyond that should be considered a bonus. There it is!

Monday, June 9, 2008

A Mother's Rant. Episode 2.

It's not what you think. There has been an incident...but not an "incident". So, I guess I shouldn't title this post a mother's rant. A more appropriate name would be a mother's concern...frustration...irritation. Either'll do.
Allow me to preface. When I decided to begin the wonderful journey that is motherhood I knew that there would probably be lasting "effects" i.e. stretch marks, droopy boobs, "flab"ulous abs... however, I didn't quite anticipate becoming a walking prune...a pasty, pale, walking prune. (side note: I exaggerate, but not much. AND, if any of you comment and tell me you've never had a stretch mark I will seriously col' cock your cranium). But that is not the issue and fortunately there are ways of correcting this saggy and wrinkly problem...should it come to that.
Now to the issue at hand. A few days ago a friend of mine asked if I would be around Monday to babysit. No problem, I had no plans. Fast foreward to today, Monday. I woke up feeling a little lazy and didn't want to do much. I finally peeled myself out of bed and went downstairs to feed the kiddies. I was immediately reminded of the fact that we had no food. No really, no food: no bread, no milk, no eggs (I had to call the neighbors last night to borrow milk to make mac and cheese. Thankfully we were able to scrape up enough butter to prepare our gourmet Sunday dinner. Ridiculous, I know.)
So, I woke up to zero food in the house. The kids were mad because there was nothing to eat, which made me mad and...I mean what am I anyway, a walking grocery store? (NO! I AM A WALKING PRUNE!) I scrounged up what odds and ends I could to feed the kids then chugged back half a Dr. P (BONUS!, sugar AND caffine combined. A little liquid energy AND happiness.) Without thinking, I loaded the kids in the car and drove to Costco. An hour and a half later we returned home. I walked into the kitchen and saw the message light flashing. It was my friend, wondering where the crap I was(not her exact words).
Now, I'm sure your wondering what all the fuss is about. It was just a babysitting appointment. Well the fuss is that this is not an isolated incident. I have forgotten several things over the last eighteen months (since the birth of number four). I have forgotten therapy appointments (let me clarify, therapy for Quinn, although it appears I could use some as well), dentist appointments, and hair appointments, to name a few. I forgot the snacks for the nursery AND the key to open the toy closet. I forgot my wallet when I went to the store. I forgot my book on top of the car. I'd probably still be wondering where it was had I not seen it somersaulting down the street through my rearview mirror. I'm sure there are more...but, naturally, I can't remember them.
Now, I knew beforehand that "scatterbrainness" is a common side affect of pregnancy, but I was under the impression that it would eventually go away. It was enough to sacrifice my body for the cause, but not my mind too. Now I wonder, have I permanently damaged something up there? Is this as good as it's gonna get? Am I overreacting? Should I guenuinely be concerned? Should I be taking some kind of mind enhancing herb? Should I be seeking professional help? All I know is that it's getting pretty old. And I can't keep telling everyone "Sorry, I just had a baby and the mind's not quite back to it's normal functioning self yet". HE'S EIGHTEEN MONTHS OLD!
Whatever. It's getting late and I have a tendency to blow things out of proportion when I'm tired. Maybe I should just sleep on it, if I can remember where my bed is, that is.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Creative Parenting?

I should soooo try this (I actually have, just not in public. Maybe that's why it didn't have quite the impact). Totally "old school Rosanne" style. Me likey!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Feeling Much Better (thank you glucose, sucrose, and all you other "oses")

I feel like I should give everyone an update on my mental status after my last entry. I'm doing well... sufficiently hopped up on sugar...feeling energized, at least until the sugar wares off. Part of the reason I am feeling so good (aside from the sugar high)is because we (the fam) were able to go a whole week without any "incident". Hallelujah!!! No phone calls from irritated teachers, no "gang-ups" by frustrated primary leaders...beautiful. HOWEVER, if there is one thing I've learned in my almost ten years of being a mother, it's how quickly the tides turn. So, I shall bask in the success of this small miracle until the next "incident" occurs, and shall think no less of myself when one does.
Til then, I'm off to down a dozen oreos before the kiddies get home from school.