Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tag! I'm It.

3 Joys

1- Family. My family is awesome. My abs always get a workout for laughing so much and so hard when we're together.

2- Friends. It's good to have partners in crime.

3- Music. I could not live without my ipod. Sad, maybe, but true. (In a fomer life I think I would have been in a rock band)

3 Fears

1- Snakes. For obvious reasons. (Sometimes my cat looks like a snake. Like when she is yawning. It freaks me out.)

2- Death of a loved one. (Especially Chad or one of my kiddos.) I know it's ineveitable, but it still scares me.

3- Flying. I loathe it. The whole time flying home from Cancun I just knew our plane was going down. It was the worst, most anxiety filled five hours of my life. I'd rather give birth to a twenty pound baby, without medication, than fly on an airplane.

3 Current Obsessions

1- EDWARD!!! (Chad hates him. I mean, that's a lot to compete with) It would be like me competing with Angelina Jolie...if she had morals and standards that is.

2- Junior Mints. I eat a box a day. Maybe that's why I can't lose weight. Hmmm.

3- Door Knobs. I've been changing over all the door knobs in the house to dark bronze.

3 Random/Surprising Facts About Myself

1- Some of you may already know this, but I was a Sterling Scholar in Foreign Language. Sprechen sie Deutsch?

2- I completed a two year course for writing children's literature. (Once upon a time I thought I wanted to write and illustrate children's books.)

3- I just cut my hair like a boy.

3 People I Tag

1- Malea (cause I want to see a new post on your blog)

2- Kedra (cause, just cause)

3- Kim (cause you tagged me)


Kedra Simpson said...

I have never been tagged, so this should be fun. I love reading the little known facts part! Thanks for sharing.

Oh, and I didn't remember that your dads name was Nolan, is it? It's on our top 5 right now.

Emily N said...

Oohh! I want to see your hair- I'll bet you look so hot. I also want to know more about the children's book writing. My sister has been submitting some kiddie books around. Very interesting stuff.

Malea said...

SO, I did it. And I spent way too much time keeping up with all of your blogs...aaaaaaaa :)...but now I have an official blog you could be proud of. Hey, I want to see the hair! Remember when I did that as a Senior? I hope you like it; it's probably so easy and great.

brittanyc said...

I quite love that Edward, too. When I was full-on into reading the books and nothing...not family or meals or getting dressed...could pull me away, I'd say it wasn't the greatest for my marriage. Hard to compare with the perfect man.
Well, this was a funny post. I enjoyed it, as I do everything you write. I am convinced we'd be the best of friends if we lived closer! You thoroughly amuse me and I probably wouldn't leave you alone. So be glad there is that distance :)