Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Father's Day

In lieu of recent, tragic events this father's day will be especially poignant. The past few days I've realized how often I've take my honey for granted. I am so lucky to have Chad in my life. I love him so much and don't know what I would do if he were to ever leave our family. I want him to know that, even after twelve years of marriage, I am still as much in love with him as the day I met him.
I love you Chad! Happy Father's Day. Here are fifty reasons I love no particular order. (I could write more, but I think my fellow bloggees might puke.)
1- You shower daily
2- You have a sweet tooth (almost as big as mine)
3- You enjoy clothes shopping (probaly more than me)
4- You practice great oral hygiene
5- Carter
6- Quinn
7- Avery
8- Beckham
9- You cook
10- You accept my infatuation with a certain vampire (Helllllllo Edward!)
11- You make me laugh
12- You honor your priesthood
13- You are kind
14- You love steak
15- You have freakishly soft feet
16- You have great hair
17- You smell good
18- You love going to music concerts (almost as much as me)
19- You are, for the most part, tidy
20- You are a great gift giver
21- You aren't uber hairy
22- You have soft lips
21- You worry about our kids
22- You are super smart
23- You are strong
24- You are my best friend
25- You let me beat you at Boggle
26- You like to have fun
27- You never tell me to quit spending money
28- You let me party with my girlfriends
29- You tell me I'm beautiful
30- You are considerate
31- You like to cuddle
32- You are grounded in the gospel
33- You are a wonderful teacher
34- You take care of us
35- You are honest
36- You enjoy helping others
37- You are a nerd (I mean that in the best possible way)
38- You watched Mansfield Park with me (even though you would have rather been playing Halo)
39- You bring me flowers for no reason
40- You are a romantic
41- You like Hannah Montana (I can't wait to see you again...)
42- You clean the house
43- You change poopy diapers
44- You play with the kids
45- You love soccer and tennis (the only two sports I can tolerate)
46- You support my addiction to blogging, most of the time
47- You help in the nursery when I'm short handed
48- You love your family
49- You love the gospel
50- You love your friends

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Cindy said...

Appreciation is key to a successful marriage, nice list Erika. It makes a mom proud to see her son doing so well in this most important arena.
Love the whole blog site.