Saturday, June 28, 2008

Rank Advancement

It's been over a week since Carter's belt promotion and I'm finally getting around to this post. Not because I was too busy playing with kids or tied up doing laundry, but because every time I sat down to write about it my mind would shut down.
And what started out as a simple post about a simple childhood accomplishment has turned into a deep, introspective look at myself and why it is I'm suffering from the dreaded writers block.
Is it because I've been re-reading the Twilight series (in anticipation of Breaking Dawn's release) and my mind's overcome with thoughts of Edward? Could be.
Could it be because the Junior Mints and soda, sometimes Kool-Aid, I ingest daily are starting to lose their "stimulating" affect on me? Hope not.
Is it because my brain is constantly innundated with thousands of demands and questions by four, cute, yet very persistant little people? Possibly.
Here I sit, ten days after the event took place and I've concluded that my dilemma is most likely a mixture of all these things combined with the fact that I have very little knowledge of the martial arts. Truthfully, the latter is probably the primary contributor to my writers block. Apparently The Karate Kid is not the foremost source for all things karate. (I must say I was really hoping the see some "waxing on, waxing off" and "painting the fence"). Oh well.
Here's what I know, or at least observed. First, Carter was asked to perform a series of kicks, punches and rolls. All of which he performed perfectly. Next, he had to "spar", ha ha there's a technical term for ya, with his instructor. Again, perfect. Finally he had to perform a series of endurance tasks i.e. push-ups and sit-ups. Once again, perfect. After all that he waited to find out if he had done well enough to advance, which he did. He advanced from a "plain yellow belt" to a "yellow belt with a white stripe". See, limited knowledge. Carter was very proud of himself as were Chad and I. It's always great to see your child succeed. Well done, Carter-sahn. You've made us proud.

The very intimidating "grand counsel of karate dudes".

Future Rockette???



The great deliberation. Whatever you do, don't look 'em in the eyes.


Kedra Simpson said...

Way to go Carter!!! Erika, I love that your music matches your posts. its fun to see what songs you come up with and when are going to see this new haircut??

Bill said...

Keyaaa! Congrats on the advancement Carter. Watch out, Jean Claude!