Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A New Year

It is hard to believe that today is a new year (I'm already anxious about my birthday in nine months).
Consequently, I've spent most of the day reflecting on the things I actually accomplished and the many things I wish I had accomplished this past twelve months...let's see, buy a dumperooni, check; get knocked up, check; stick with the 'ol bloggy, check; lose weight and get in shape, oops...well, something's gotta give.
Really, the only resolution I technically made with myself last year was to start a blog and post at least once a month. I am happy to report that I achieved my Chad's dismay...I am addicted.
Anyway, this year I have decided to really challenge myself by setting not only one, but several resolutions. I am hopeful, yet doubtful that I will accomplish them all, but still want to try.
Immediate goal... find myself a RED VELVET CUPCAKE.
Long term be more diligent about family home evening, prayer and scripture study. Second, to be better about budgeting...ugh, I hate that word. Third, to get back down to pre-babies size...methinks I will be enlisting my good friend Jenny, or W. Watchers for this one. Fourth, bearing in mind that this is the caboose baby, I would ideally like to have an extreme overhaul done on the 'ol body, a little nip here, a little tuck there, and a little lift everywhere. But, also bearing in mind that resolution number two is to stay on a budget...I'll have to achieve this the old-fashioned way...duct tape and super glue. Just kidding, I may actually have to break a sweat and exercise...ooh, I just vomited a little. Hopefully I will be able to overcome my aversion to movement.
Well, there it is, immortalized in cyberspace for all the see.
Here's to a happy, red velvety new year.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Pregnant Rant

Okay, I have a little rant. I despise pick up and drop off at my kids school. It is seriously the most riciculous spectacle I have ever witnessed. Nothing makes me more frustrated than watching people pull up in the drive through lane and butt their way into the drop off lane. I seriously sat in the same spot for five minutes today while I watched three people butt in front of me. HELLO PEOPLE, is my time not as valuable as yours? I'm thinking of designing a horm that allows one to type in all sorts of obscene phrases and put downs so as to express ones feelings in a more open and positive way. I think it's a great idea. This way you can rant right as the incident happens and don't have to let it fester inside. Okay, I think I'm done.
Note: I am not changing my theme song...Thank You...because I want to say "thank you" to all you big, fat butters who don't know how to wait your turn.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Shout-out to my peeps.

I am feeling a little overwhelmed currently. Overwhelmed in a good way though. As many of you know, the past month or so has been a little...umm...unstable. I don't want to sound ungrateful or whiney, but the past few weeks have definately been harder than Chad and I expected they would be. The house has been a very expensive and time consuming project and has worn us all out. Surprisingly, the kiddies have taken everything in stride and are showing only the slightest signs of abandonment.
Here's where the shout-out comes in. I am truly surprised by how concerned friends have been about our current situation. When old ward members found out we were still without a kitchen and no means of cooking, people were offering to bring in meals and were asking us over for dinner. I cannot tell you(and you know who you are) how grateful I am to for your friendship. I cannot tell you how guilty I feel as well, because I know that you all have had your fair share of hardships and I was not there for you like you have been for me. I hope you can forgive me. Please know that I will not forget this wonderful act of kindness and service. I cannot say thank you enough. And for the record, all the food has been FREAKIN' FANTASTIC.
Please know, that someday I will try to return the favor.
In addition to food, friends have offered babysitting and words of support. You will never understand how great it has made me feel to get a phone call, or text or email simply asking how things were going and if I needed anything.
In a nutshell...I am lucky...and you guys are DA BOMB. I love you all and hate the thought of not being able to see you guys around the neighborhood or every week at church. But then I am comforted by the thought that I know where each and every one of you live, and I will come track you down if you stop calling or texting me. So, consider yourselves warned.
Thanks again, everyone who has helped us. We owe you all...big time.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Red Velvet Cupcakes

I know a few of you have been on my case about posting pics of the house, but lets get to really important issue of the day shall all-consuming, nothing else matters, obssession with red velvet cupcakes. AND, not just any red velvet cupcake...the red velvet cupcake of which I partook of...several times...whilst vacationing with my hubby in San Diego two months ago (from a little place called Heavenly Cupcakes...which is exactly what they are...little bits of heaven). I made sure to eat my fill before we left so as to sate my unhealthy desire for the naughty, red morsel...and frankly I was satisfied...up until about a month ago when the mack-daddy of all pregnancy cravings hit. Now here I sit, confused, frustrated unsatisfied and freakin' starving for my beloved cupcake.

Oh dear, red velvety, delight from my dreams...I cannot stop thinking of you. How I wish you were closer so I could admire your perfect reddish hue, and your creamy, white frosting cap. How I wish I could just hold you, smell you, lick you...and eventually devour you, with little or no regret. Hopefully, my dear cake of tangible love, it will not be much longer before we are reunited. Until then, know that you are in my thoughts...constantly.

Now, you may all understand why I have not posted pics of the house. I have much weightier(after I get done eatin' em) and tastier things on my mind.
Here's a pic of what I see when I close my eyes and night, and what I think about every other second of the day. Try not to cry. I know it's beautiful.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Pee Wee Herman: A Tribute

During our lengthy stay at my saintly sister's house an oldie, but goodie was risen from the dead...Pee Wee's Big Adventure. I may take a lot of heat for admitting this, but back in the day I was a huge Pee Wee Herman fan. I remember using the phrase "I know you are, but what am I", imitating the infamous bar dance, and taping my face in disturbingly hideous ways. But, one part of the movie in particular hits very close to home...the hilarious bike flip scene. I remember trying to perfect this biking stunt and biffing it more than a few times (don't deny it, you all did too). Anywho, a little blast from the past for your viewing pleasure. I will forever be indebted to Mr. Herman. The image of him flipping over the handlebars in front of an audience of children, and then trying to act all cool about it has tickled me ever so much during these past few stressful weeks. Thank you, thank you Pee Wee Herman. Even though you turned out to be a major mervy pervy, you still make me laugh...twenty years later.

I included a few more clips becuase I just couldn't resist. This next clip cracks me up. I love it when he says "I pity the poor fool, who don't eat Mr. T cereal". I don't why it makes me laugh, but it does. I also like how eat imitates eating like his little dog Speck (this part cracks Beckham up too) and then how he makes this ridiculously complicated breakfast and then eats one little morsel of cereal.

I love how you can see P.W. go flipping off to the side after he crashes through the sign. Hee hee.

Alive, and Well...for the most part.

Just wanted to check in and let ya'll know that we are still alive. I have been very, very bad about keeping the ol' bloggy updated, I know. But seriously, this house thing has sucked the sense of humor right out of me (not too mention the fetus inside which has sucked all the energy right out of me. I feel like I'm thirty-two going on ...insert hellishly old number here). Consequently, I have felt like I should avoid posting all know the phrase...if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.
However, today is a better day, which is why I'm attempting to post. I am seeing a glow...ever so the end of the long, ridiculously dark, tunnel that is remodeling (don't anyone tell me I told ya so...). Bedrooms are painted, the rest of the house is currently being painted and will hopefully be finished by Monday of next week. Then we have the counter people and flooring people coming next week to do their thang. Hopefully by next Friday we will have a semi-functioning household...hopefully.
I am not going to make any promises, cause I'm sick of lying at this beautiful time of year, but I may POSSIBLY get some pictures up on the housy blog...for those of who may be interested.
Oh, and mom and dad if you read this, we're okay. I know you haven't been able to reach me for over a month. But we're okay, we're alive. Everyone is well, except for the typical bowel issues that accompany a hellish diet of fast food and cold cereal. Aside from that all's well. Don't worry bout a thing.