Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A New Year

It is hard to believe that today is a new year (I'm already anxious about my birthday in nine months).
Consequently, I've spent most of the day reflecting on the things I actually accomplished and the many things I wish I had accomplished this past twelve months...let's see, buy a dumperooni, check; get knocked up, check; stick with the 'ol bloggy, check; lose weight and get in shape, oops...well, something's gotta give.
Really, the only resolution I technically made with myself last year was to start a blog and post at least once a month. I am happy to report that I achieved my Chad's dismay...I am addicted.
Anyway, this year I have decided to really challenge myself by setting not only one, but several resolutions. I am hopeful, yet doubtful that I will accomplish them all, but still want to try.
Immediate goal... find myself a RED VELVET CUPCAKE.
Long term be more diligent about family home evening, prayer and scripture study. Second, to be better about budgeting...ugh, I hate that word. Third, to get back down to pre-babies size...methinks I will be enlisting my good friend Jenny, or W. Watchers for this one. Fourth, bearing in mind that this is the caboose baby, I would ideally like to have an extreme overhaul done on the 'ol body, a little nip here, a little tuck there, and a little lift everywhere. But, also bearing in mind that resolution number two is to stay on a budget...I'll have to achieve this the old-fashioned way...duct tape and super glue. Just kidding, I may actually have to break a sweat and exercise...ooh, I just vomited a little. Hopefully I will be able to overcome my aversion to movement.
Well, there it is, immortalized in cyberspace for all the see.
Here's to a happy, red velvety new year.


Malea said...

Two (and the only) resolutions I'm making this year, eat more Pinapple and spicy foods. PS, I have started to enjoy punching your page pet fairies, they used to annoy me, but since I've made a sadistic little game of it; it makes for a good time.

Malea said...

oops typo on Pineapple, if it's a resolution, gotta do it right.

Jodi Simon said...

i have diet tips that work. i lost 15 lbs in the last couple months. not fun but worth it. glad you have you back dear.

kfairbourn said...

I set a resolution this year to start a blog, and I did it! I am addicted too! It is so much fun! I hope you found your red velvet cupcake. Check out my blog-

Kedra Simpson said...

good luck with all the goals this next year. i am pretty jealous that you are going to be done having kids in a few months.

i have eaten a butt load of christmas treats and gained a butt load of weight...I will definitely be joining in on the whole diet thing.