Thursday, December 18, 2008

Shout-out to my peeps.

I am feeling a little overwhelmed currently. Overwhelmed in a good way though. As many of you know, the past month or so has been a little...umm...unstable. I don't want to sound ungrateful or whiney, but the past few weeks have definately been harder than Chad and I expected they would be. The house has been a very expensive and time consuming project and has worn us all out. Surprisingly, the kiddies have taken everything in stride and are showing only the slightest signs of abandonment.
Here's where the shout-out comes in. I am truly surprised by how concerned friends have been about our current situation. When old ward members found out we were still without a kitchen and no means of cooking, people were offering to bring in meals and were asking us over for dinner. I cannot tell you(and you know who you are) how grateful I am to for your friendship. I cannot tell you how guilty I feel as well, because I know that you all have had your fair share of hardships and I was not there for you like you have been for me. I hope you can forgive me. Please know that I will not forget this wonderful act of kindness and service. I cannot say thank you enough. And for the record, all the food has been FREAKIN' FANTASTIC.
Please know, that someday I will try to return the favor.
In addition to food, friends have offered babysitting and words of support. You will never understand how great it has made me feel to get a phone call, or text or email simply asking how things were going and if I needed anything.
In a nutshell...I am lucky...and you guys are DA BOMB. I love you all and hate the thought of not being able to see you guys around the neighborhood or every week at church. But then I am comforted by the thought that I know where each and every one of you live, and I will come track you down if you stop calling or texting me. So, consider yourselves warned.
Thanks again, everyone who has helped us. We owe you all...big time.

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