Tuesday, September 30, 2008

California...here we come.

We're moving. Just kidding. I just wanted to give the fam a little freaker.
But, we are going to Cali. Chad just dropped this little bomb on me last night. I say it like it's a bad thing...it's not...I'm just not used to this kind of spontanaity. Those of you who know me at all know how I feel about flying (I loathe it), and how I feel about leaving the kiddies for extended lengths of time. I need time (like weeks or months) to come to grips with these things and Chad has only given me twenty-four hours to do that. Not to mention that in those twenty-four hours I have to get four children packed as well as myself, clean the house and run to the grocery store.
Shootballs! I have a lot to get done. Don't worry, this is just the storm before the calm. I always have a little freakout and then I'm ususally okay.

(Deep, relaxed breathing).

Let me start over. Chad and I are taking a little vacay to SoCal. Today is the last day of the quarter and needless to say, things have been a little stressful, crazy, tiring...
So, last night, Chad handed me a little note; the front of which read "Bon Voyage". My first thought, "are you sending me off to the institution or something"?
Second thought, "wait, are you going somewhere...are you leaving me"?
In my defense, it was late.
He gently opened the card for me as I continued to stare, bewildered, into his eyes.
The note inside read "Congratulations: You won a vacation".
Okay, wait, I'm still confused...again it's late.
The note continued, "Thanks for being the support these last few weeks and for putting up with my especially surly (who uses that word anymore?) attitude. You are amazing (ahh, shucks). I know the end of the quarter pushes are harder on you than they are on me. You deserve a vacation! And I can't bear to leave you!! Love Chad."
At that point I had become really confused.
Now, looking back, I realize what could have been a really amazing, romantic moment...like something out of the movies...where I stand up sobbing and plant the biggest, wettest kiss on my man. But instead I looked up at him with that same bewildered and confused look on my face.
"You're coming with me to my meetings in San Diego", he finally explained, defeated and frustrated.
"Oh", was all I could mutter as the clouds started to part and things became clearer to me. A pretty lame reaction, I know, but that's the way my neurotic mind works.
Naturally I immediatly started freaking out; wondering who in their right mind had constented to take all four of my cute, yet exhausting children (thank you Sebring's, our good friends who may no longer be our friends after this is all over. We owe you guys BIG TIME). I began taking inventory on all of the things I had to do before we left: shopping, cleaning, packing.
Thankfully I was able to go right to bed and sleep during what would have been the pinnacle of my freakout. The ol' man planned that one well.
I woke up this morning still in mild freakout mode...but doing better...mostly just nervous to board a flying death trap (anyone got a couple of extra Valium laying around).
Obviously I haven't gotten any packing or cleaning done this morning as I've been sitting here at the computer instead. Crap, saying that just gave me a freak surge.
Okay, gotta go, but before I do, I wasn't kidding about the Valium. And, I gotta give props to my man for trying to do something totally romantic and memorable. You're totally the best. Sorry for screwing everything up. I'll try not to be so clueless next time, hint hint.
Farewell fellow bloggers. I look forward to returning soon; hopefully more tan and better rested.


Julie said...

Hey Erika. Hope you have a great time. Call me when you get back. We need to go to lunch and catch up.

Jodi Simon said...

Erica, Erica, Erica, I surely hope you gain some new appreciation for the shear joy that can come from a little breaky break from the kids. Have a blast!!! Let go and be wild and free.

6deans said...

Sounds like alot of fun...wish I was going away for a vacation without my children...have lots of fun!!!

Amy said...

I hope you are having the best time! You totally deserve a little getaway.

Emily N said...

How awesome is that. Whisked away in a kidless, romantic getaway. That sounds perfect. Have SO much fun!