Monday, September 15, 2008

Slavery and Servitude.

You know I can't go and post something super serious and intense without balancing it out with some humor. So here it is. The following is a short conversation that took place in the car. Chad and I were discussing the future of my ninety-nine year old grandmother whose health is failing.

Chad: "We're supposed to be going out of town next week".

Me: "Well, we may heading down to St. George for grandmas funeral instead".

Avery: "Which gramma we talkin' about? The one with the servant?"

Ummm, yes Avery. That's exactly the grandma we're talking about. The one that lives in the castle on the hill; with two really ugly, really mean daughters and one beatiful, young step-daughter she treats like a slave.
Where the heck did that come from? Is that what Avery thinks my grandmother's South American roomate is...a servant?
I can just picture Avery the next time we are at grandmas house, "Hey slave, fetch me my Pet Shops and Barbies". Too many Disney movies, methinks.
Maybe I should sit her down and let her watch Glory, or Roots or know, a real life, down and dirty flick about bondage and servitude.
Watcha think about slavery now, sista?
Okay, I shouldn't joke. Many people lost their lives over the issue of slavery. Apparently they don't teach early American history in kindi-garten, but perhaps they should start, what with all the glamorization of slavery and servitude promoted in todays cartoons (yes Disney, I am speaking to you).
Our children need to know that it is not okay to order anyone around; whether it be an old, grouchy, English clock; an amorous, French candlebra; or a younger, more beautiful step-sister.
I guess I know what our topic will be tonight for family home evening; seeing as how Avery already treats yours truly like her own personal servant. But can you blame her?
Shame on you, Disney, shame on you and your little crab too.


Malea said...

My kindred spirit, in many ways, ('tho you will always be cooler than I); My kids have commented on that many 'o times. What's worse is that Matthew knows the power of DCFS, and has threatened crying neglect. I've told him it'd be more a win/win if we sold him on Ebay. Fortunately he's more valuable here:)

Thanks for swimming on the deep end with the advice post. I too, sing in that same choir. You're a great mom; count on my attendance at each missionary farewell and/or temple wedding.

Malea said...

Hey, would you let me kmow how to make it so I know if my Friends and Family blogs have been updated, like you have in yours?

Kendyl Carol Bell said...

Good point, I agree it does kick me into high gear. Makes me focus. Sure wish I had a Pee-a-dad servent to help me out with all of my many duties.

Jodi Simon said...

I knew Law and Order was better than Disney. At least they learn fear right? Is there not any safety?

Cindy said...

Children and reality are not easily combined. Thanks for bringing me a smile today.