Friday, September 12, 2008

My own "Little Einstein".

I hate to make you all jealous, but I just had to, had to, share with you anyway...MY BABY IS THE BEST BABY IN THE WORLD.
I just arrived home from an exhausting morning of unnecessary shopping and needed a little sumthin sumthin to relax my aching tootsies. So, I decided to put the ol' feet up and "veg" on the couch for a moment whilst engaging in some online window shopping.
Being the ever involved mother that I am, I gave Beckham a cookie and set him in front of the T.V., or what I endearingly call the "learning box", to watch some Little Einsteins...cause I want him to grow up to be a genius.
Anywho, in all my intense online purusing my little man got up without my knowing and disappeared. Like any reasonable parent, I finished what I was doing, and then proceeded to search for the little darling.
I couldn't hear him downstairs but decided to look anyway...I am a very thorough parent...but he wasn't anywheres to be found.
Next, I proceeded to check the doors, all of which were securely shut.
At this point I'm feeling a little panicky, but nothing worthy of hyperventilation. So, I decided to go upstairs, since it was the only place left to look.
I checked the bathroom, Beckham's bedroom, my bedroom, my closet...pretty much everywhere and still no Beckham.
Now, I know your probably asking yourself, what kind of angel baby would put their poor mother through something so worrisome, so I'll tell you.
On the way back down the stairs, I decided to check the crib, just on a whim...and would you believe what I darling angel baby, sleeping ever so soundly. The little guy had put himself down for a nap.
Immediately I felt a flood of satisfaction and pride wash over my whole person. I mean, only really capable parents have babies that put themselves to bed, right.
It appears that these Little Einsteins sessions are already starting to pay off.


Jodi Simon said...

Wow-that is amazing skillz you possess. AND to top it off, you are so cleverly sarcastic and truly funny!!

Kendyl Carol Bell said...

Ahahahahaha. Did you cry, that is the most incredible thing ever. How sweet. I love you baby too!!!

Wes and Megan Bell said...

beckham = best baby ever! Halle, I fear, will never be able to measure up to this amount of genius.

Kedra Simpson said...

As soon as I heard that I ran to my computer and started downloading episodes of little einstein. Maybe I can get olivia to do something genius too.

That is so adorable, I can just about picture it. he is so small and sweet I love it!!

Amy said...

I laughed so hard when I read your story. Now I know exactly what to do to free up a little more spare time for myself. :) Thanks!

Malea said...

Now teach him the theory of relativity, and you're set. Now to the house, Pres. Hinckley suggested that all find an adequate space to live that we can quickly pay off, so come what may, we will be o.k. Many times I've had to rely on that statement, as we are not showing signs of moving in the near future or ever, from my 1350sq ft. palacial residence, unless I decide to get a job. So if I can't have a new house, no one can. suck on that, sista........(one prozac later)...
Erika, I thinks it's great to have goals, and be in a place where the kids can always feel is a place of refuge. No matter what you decide, I'll be happy for you!