Monday, September 8, 2008


For those of you who don't know already, I am officially one year older...thirty-two to be exact.
Getting older never really used to bother me, but this birthday was not one I was particularly looking forward to. I was, in fact, kinda dreading it.
I think my birthday phobia startly shortly after I turned thirty and officially had to bid farewell to my twenties. There's just something very...grown up about being thirty-something. And quite frankly, I don't want to be grown up. And as a side note, do any of you remember the T.V. series called Thirtysomething from the early nineties-ish? Well, I do. And you know what, it was a show about old people (at least that's what I thought back then). And ya wanna know something else? NOW I'M ONE OF THOSE OLD PEOPLE!!!
I know I should just relax and accept the fact that I am getting older, but it's difficult. Guess I'll just keep lathering my face in Retin-A and vitamin E oil and countless other sticky, stinky substances that might possibly preserve my youthful glow. Hopefully it won't all backfire on me.
Anyway, aside from the "little" preoccupation with getting older, my birthday was a great day.
Highlights included: a deliciously decadent sweet potatoe from Texas Roll mouth is watering just thinking about all those perfectly toasted mini marshies, and all that melted cinnimon butter; my totally rad birthday presents...I know that probably sounds completely shallow, but they really are are below; and finally, all of the phone calls and visits from family and guys are da shizzle...I love you. You totally made a day I was dreading not so dreadful.
So, thank you...and long live Botox.

I wish for eternal youth and a lifetime supply of Retin-A.

Aren't these little guys sooo cute? They totally remind me of Nightmare Before Christmas.

And the whole village. The best part...they are made of cardboard and paper. So, I don't have to worry about the kids breaking them like everything else their busy little hands touch.

Ta-dum! The "pee-ehs duh re-zis-tahns" (spelled phonetically cause I don't know French). Chad bought me this beauty. I think it was his passive-agressive approach to kicking me out of the office. Apparently he's tired of me invading his space. Oh, well. Now I can blog from the comfort of the couch, bed or toilet. Just FYI, I don't plan on blogging from the pot, per se, but it's an option...ya know...should the need ever arise.


Kedra Simpson said...

What a great birthday!!! I wouldn't worry too much about the age thing because you always look great...young and hip.

Emily said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIKA. Looks like you had some fun with the fam

brittanyc said...

Those are seriously the cutest little Halloween guys! Where did the fam find those? I should be the proud owner of a little village, too! Happy Birthday! You're a babe, so 32 shouldn't be a big deal. If you acted old and wore frumpy clothes (elastic waisted pants and such), then you'd have reason to be concerned. But you don't!! 32 will be great!

Jodi Simon said...

Nice gift a roonies. Lucky 32 it is from now on. How will it be topped next year? Hope it's a great one. Happy Birthday young one.