Monday, September 22, 2008

Random Thoughts: By Erika Brendle

I don't really have anything of worth to say today, but was motivated to post anyway because I really hate the song on my playlist.
Why not just change the playlist, you may be wondering.
Well, because I am OCD and in order to change the playlist, I must change the post to go along with it. So here it goes. Random thoughts, because I don't have anything better to say and seriously need to change my playlist.

Top Ten Words I Utterly Despise

1- Utter (not so much when used in reference to speaking, but when used to describe a cow's milk vessel, which consequently brings me to...)

2- Teets (pardon me whilst I dry heave)

3- Sack (I prefer the word "bag" every useage possible)

4- Panties (they are called undies, or underwear, or skivies, or drawers, but never, ever panties)

5- Discharge (need I say I shall pardon you whilst you all dry heave)

6- Mucous (ugh)

7- Skid (I dunno, it's just an ugly word)

8- Void (another ugly word, like nails on a chalkboard)

9- Colon (mostly because of it's function, but also because it sounds a lot like Cullen, and my dear Edward should never be paired with such a word)

10- Chunks (I despise chunks in all forms. I do not like it in Peanut Butter, or soup, or...vomit. Sorry, if that just made you all blow "chunks")

runner ups: diarrhea, spew, fester, puss and/or pustule, bunion, Funion and onion (just kidding on the last two. Got a little carried away. I happen to enjoy FUN-ions, and onions...I don't however, enjoy bunions) and finally the word mom (but only when it comes in the form of a yell, whine or combination of both) I could go on...but I will spare your stomachs.

Okay, next item of business.

Top Ten Words I Absulotively (absolutely+positively) Love

1- Butter or Butta (I'll take it in any way, shape or form)

2- Freakin' (for when you want to spice up the vernacular)

3- Dip (Dual purpose word...both a noun and a verb...and consequently one of my favorite actions)

4- Refund (Need I say more?)

5- Cream or Creamy (the essential ingredient to all things in ice cream, whipped cream, cream cheese etc., also my favorite consistency as in soup and peanut butter)

6- Sweet (another dual purpose word, an exclamation and an adjective. I particularly like this word when it precedes potatoe and I happen to be at Texas Roll House)

7- Edward (Need I say more?)

8- Massage (I feel relaxed just saying it)

9- Laugh (A funny word for a FUN-ny thing)

10- Shiz (just an all around great flavor salt...everythings better with a little shiz)

honorable mentions: giggle, bubble, cuddle, marshmallow, masticate (cause it sounds naughty even though it's not), sassy, preposterous, ditty, booty, bootylicious, kiester and ba-donk-adonk. The list goes on but I'll leave it at that.


Liz said...

I also hate the word "moist" EEEEWWWW!

brendleca said...

Oh yeah, I totally forgot about that word. Good one, Liz!!!

Kedra Simpson said...

I am laughing so hard right now, which I guess I usually do when I read your blog. I definitely agree with you on most of those words, they make my skin crawl.

Emily N said...

You are so clever. I lvoe the word oblivion- I just think it sounds awesome. I also hate the more correct forms of some anatomy.

Malea said...

I totally agree with the words you hate. The only one's I'd throw in are boring, like dust, vacuum, pair socks. To go along with a word you love, smile; is the Spanish word for smile: Sonrisa. I think that is one of the most beautiful words. I also like the word Turducken. No reason. I guess I just watch a lot of the Food Network.

Jodi Simon said...

Fantabulous. How about that? Nice writings!! Missed reading you while I was away. Thanks for posting for no reason but posting.