Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mother's Intuition Strikes Again (completed)

Okay...deep and out, in and out.
I am disappointed to report that there has been another incident involving the primary presidency.
Nothing as dramatic as the last angry leaders outside in the hall waiting to pounce, no substitution and/or addition of unsavory words to primary songs, but an incident nonetheless.
Allow me to recount.
I was on my way down the hall to the primary room to return some unneeded manuals. Upon entering said primary room I was struck by an uneasy feeling, call it...mother's intuition.
It was the end of church and I hadn't been informed of any misdeed, so I immediatly shrugged the feeling off. I was kindly greeted by my fellow sister and thanked for returning the extra manuals. A bit of small chat insued and just as I was about to bid farewell she stopped me.
"Um, hey, there was a little problem today in primary".
All I could think of to say was, "oh really", in my most surprised voice...curse you mother's intuition.
"Yeah, I already talked to Chad about it, but I just wanted you to be aware. Carter was a little disruptive today during singing time".
I didn't respond, but I was thinking "so...what's the big deal"?
"I told him he needed to be quiet, and then he told me he didn't like me".
"Okay wait, hold the freakin' phone". I didn't say that aloud, but rather screamed it in my head; all the while trying to restrain myself from tearing out the primary door and down the hall in search of the guilty fruit of my loins.
I gained my composure and ever so calmly replied "thank you for making me aware", though I really didn't mean it.
"I told Carter that he doesn't have to like me, but that he does have to be quiet", she added.
At that point I was speechless...for a couple of reasons. One, I was embarrassed that a child...would have the tenacity to speak that way to an adult. And secondly, I was so livid that all I wanted to do was find my child and ask what the *#^% he was thinking speaking to an adult that way. And not just any adult, but a woman I visit teach... AND, not only am I her visiting teacher but she is also the counselor over the nursery...of which I am see where I'm going. This is not a person I can avoid. AWKWARD.
Now I realize that I may be overreacting. Keep in mind that it is fast Sunday, the blood sugar is low...waaaaay too low to be messin' with me...I'm a freakin' frazzled, starving lady. Nevertheless, I was not pleased to be told that my child was sassin' off to my "superior".
I finally snapped out of my muted stupor and mumbled a quick "thanks" and ran out the door.
On a side note...yesterday, out of the blue, I challenged myself to be more patient with the kiddies I have tendency to flip out on occasion...shocker...but I was reminded of this fact whilst barreling down the hallway, pushing fellow ward members out of my way as I searched for the guilty party.
Thankfully, Carter knew better than to put himself in the line of fire, and had made himself scarce, thus allowing me the time I needed to calm down and remember the challenge I made with myself a mere twenty-four hours prior.
I want you all to know that I made good on my promise. I didn't grab him by the shoulders and shake him violently; demanding to know where he gets off talking to his leaders that way, as I would have liked. As a matter of fact I didn't do anything at all...except for shoot him a look that conveyed pretty much everything I wanted to say and do to him. I think it worked.
When we got home from church he walked in the house and put himself in timeout.
There will be a discussion, perhaps a family home evening centered around this topic But for the time being I think I'll let Carter sweat it out a bit. I may possibly shoot him a follow-up look just to let him know who's boss and that this thing is not over... it's not over 'til the fat lady sings...and frankly, today, this fat lady is just to darn tired and hungry to do any singing.


Malea said...
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Malea said...

So glad you can blog today. I needed it. I'm currenty suffering from a way to put into words my week that began a little shoddy and ended with a few tears due to my Sabbath day. When I blog about it, it'll probably read.. "the Martyred Mormon Mommy Meltdown." It involves a narrow miss from an incident report in Walmart, torn scriptures, and this from the Pri. Pres..."yes. we have one more year to work on Michael." hmm.

Torrie Family said...

All I can say is "GO FAST SUNDAY"! Bring it on because I will be ready next time! Sounds like yours was about as good as mine...Tonya

brittanyc said...

What an honest boy you've got! See, that's a positive. And who the heck puts themselves in timeout? Yet another positive. Thanks for the laugh, I surely needed it.