Saturday, October 18, 2008

Weekend Update.

I know the weekend is only half over, but quite a few things have happened and I thought I might share.
1- Avery lost her very first baby tooth. I know it doesn't sound exciting, but I think she's the last one out of all her friends to lose a tooth. It was a momentous occasion for her. She was a little miffed this morning when she woke to zilch under her pillow (I had fallen asleep early last night and forgotten to "help" the tooth fairy). Lucky for her, mama's a sly little fox. While she and I were chatting about the dudder tooth fairy I very discreetly stuffed two dollars under her pillow and then suggested she check one more time. Such a tender moment; definately mother of the year material.
2- Had to utilize my own five hundred dollar tip and try to dislodge yet another plastic bead shoved up Beckham's nose hole. Thankfully, I was able to talk the ol' man into performing the deed. Worked like a charm. Found the "sticky" culprit stuck to Chad's cheek. Father of the year material?...I think so.
3- Already had someone come and look at the house and it isn't even on the market yet. A friend from the ward who just moved in mentioned that she had some friends in the market to buy. They stopped in for a few minutes today to check things out. I know better than to be optomistic at this point, but man, it sure would be nice to get the thing sold...even better without the use of realtors...cha-ching.
As much as I would like to hope that all the weekend excitement has been exhausted I still have three hours of church to attend; which means, you will most likely be able to check back tomorrow for the second installment of weekend update. Perhaps I should just start a weekly post entitled Sunday Shenanigans.


chel wakley said...

Yeah that is me, I am the friend from the ward :) Oh I feel so lucky to be on your blog. See you at witches on Friday. CAN'T WAIT

Kendyl Carol Bell said...

Post a picture of Avery's toothless smile!!! So so so cute!!!!