Monday, July 21, 2008


We're back...and in one piece. Phew.
I know you are all just dying to hear how the trip went. I will begin by saying that it didn't take twelve hours to get to our took thirteen and a half. But who's counting?
The first ten minutes of the trip went reasonably smoothly...mainly because the kids were distracted by buckling up and getting themselves situated...and then the shenanigans began.
To be perfectly honest, the kids were actually fairly well-behaved in the car. Avery had a four hour whining spell, but she eventually snapped out of it. Other than that there's nothing really significant to report. Sorry to disappoint.
The camp site was somewhere an hour outside of Bend, Oregon. It was very picturesque, surrounded by trees and bordering a beautiful mountain lake. Being in that environment I found myself able to reclaim part of my old self and was actually able to enjoy being in the great outdoors more than I'd expected. We were able go kayaking and canoeing on the lake and the kids enjoyed exploring in the trees. One incident worth noting: Carter and a few of his cousins took the canoe out one evening without permission and by the time we figured out where they were they were nearly out of sight. The wind had picked up and was too strong for them to row against, back toward our site. Chad's brother-in-law was able to follow along the shore and eventually catch up. It was a little scary. None of them were wearing life-jackets. Grrrrr.
The only complaint I have about the trip was the mosquito issue. We were attacked non-stop. We burned citronella candles, we were constantly "deeting" ourselves, but nothing stopped those aggressive, little @#$*'s. WEST NILE kept flashing in my head like a bright neon sign. Riddle me this: how does one acquire a bite on the underside of one's's the eighth world wonder?
Everyone had a good time; the food was good and the company was better, but we were all relieved to pack it in. Refer to mosquitos.
The drive home was, surprisingly, non-eventful . Apparently, heat stroke AND West Nile virus equal a peaceful and quiet journey home. So, now you know my trick for an unbearably long road trip.
To the fam in the northwest, thank you for a good time. It was fun to see all of you. I hope you are all well and recovering from your countless bug bites. We still have Caladryl on the bedstand. Just curious, but did any of you find it as amusing as I did, driving home, all the while scratching non-stop. I found it humorous watching Chad try to drive and scratch simultaneously...or maybe that's just the West Nile talking.
Anywho, until next time.

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Kedra Simpson said...

LOL! I love reading your blog. I didn't itch so much on the way home but did that night in bed, which I am sure Chad wasn't loving! I am glad you guys got home okay. It was so good to see you!

Jodi Simon said...

Thanks for coming and bringing your great humor with you. I had a great time. Better than the last week I spent at girls camp although it was bug free. Love ya! that slideshow business is great!!!