Friday, July 11, 2008

Mother of the Year Award

Doesn't this image just make you feel parched?

Well, I think I'm officially out of the running for Mother of the Year this year. At the risk of oversharing and, additionally, tarnishing the exceptional image you all have of me as a mother...uh hum...I will go against my better judgment and share anyway.
Today, I caught my cute little man ladleing water out of the toilet with a bathtub cup, only then to guzzle it down in an attempt to quench his intense thirst.
Listen, I know what you all are thinking...if you'd been a little more observant, a little more attentive, then maybe you'd have noticed your poor withered and dehydrated child and could have given him water from the tap, like a good mother.
But, in my defense, the child does not talk very clearly, okay...and furthermore, he has been taught the sign for water which he neglected to use...and the last time I'd seen him he didn't "look" thirsty.
I guess it's the natural progression...the poor kids been eating out of the garbage since he started walking.
Sadly, the toilet in question was no where near as clean as the one in the picture (I did make sure to clean it afterwards, however). Thankfully, the water was not blue from one of those drop-in cleaning tablets. Heaven forbid he should have to ingest toxic chemicals in addition to all the hellish bacteria, germs and microbes. I can't imagine the job their doing on the poor kids GI tract. I suppose I should prepare myself for the worlds worse case of the runs.
Oh, and if you all could stay mum about this little incident I'd appreciate it. The ol' man might be a little miffed if he knew I was training the kids to be bums.

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Jodi Simon said...

that is HILARIOUS!!! we can't feel bad for the boy when the story is so good. i am sure they are completely built to withstand toilet water. my mom was here with me and we were chuckling good. thanks for sharing!!!