Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Yeah! Coldplay!!!

So, there really isn't a reason for this post except for that I can't contain my excitement. Saturday, Chad and I got tickets to see Coldplay. "Ahhhhhhhh!" (sung in my best angel voice). I'm loving their new album. These guys have been on my "top ten list of bands I'd love to see live" for awhile. Finally, that dream will come true. I know to some of you this may seem like a complete waste of perfectly good money, but you have to understand my obssesion with music and concerts (I'm obssesed with a lot lately...). Anyway, just a little somethin' somethin' to look forward to... in November. I can hardly wait. Here are a few top ten lists for those of you who care.

A Few Of My Favorite Concerts

1- No Doubt (Totally awesome concert. A little scary. People were passing out right and left because of the heat. Chad spent the better part of the concert scooping bodies off the ground and passing them off to security. Ugh, that sounds awful...but it was still a blast. FYI no one died, just passed out).

2- U2, Elevation Tour (My first time ever seeing U2 live. Mesmorizing).

3- U2, Vertigo Tour (Awesome, for how close we were to the stage...a couple feet maybe. Ohh, how I love the U2).

4- 311, (I don't what it is about the lead singer, but his voice melts me like butta).

5- DMB, (Never knew what "the doob" smelled like 'til DMB).

6- Keane, (One of my all time fave bands. One word, butta).

7- Bare Naked Ladies (All around funny and entertaining guys. Not a huge fan of their music, but they put on a good show. Plus, we caught a drum stick. Bonus!).

8- Howie Day (He was just an opener, but I love him. So buttery).

9- Indigo Girls (These guys are more Chad's style, but still really good live. It was also the first concert Chad and I went to together).

10- Coldplay (I know I haven't gone yet, but it's bound to be fahhhhreakin' awesome).

Top Ten Bands/Artists I'd Love To See Live

1- Weezer (I have loved these guys since high school).

2- Gavin Degraw (Ummmmm, butta).

3- Morrissey

4- Beastie Boys (Gotta give props to the homies).

5- The Killers

6- Faith No More (Are they even still togther?)

7- Joshua Radin (Please pass the butta).

8- Live

9- Justin Timberlake (Cause I love me some Sexy Back).

10- Madonna (I don't much care for her old stuff, but her new album sounds pretty rockin'...could be an entertaining concert. I might have to have an interview with the bishop after but...).


Kedra Simpson said...

I am so jealous!!! Concerts are so fun and this one is going to be so amazing! I preordered their album on Itunes and love listening to it. Way to go Chad for getting tickets.

Malea said...

Come November can I touch your post Coldplay hand. And yes, the Beastie Boys are on my top 10 and if you EVER want to have a great girls night out, count me in for JT. Who'd want to go see him with their husband anyway? (slurp) This is something that is a waste of mula to Matt anyway. The last two concerts I went to were paid for me: chaperone to the Back Street Boys (6mos pregnant) yeh, I know your jealous. And then there was Rob Thomas. My friends husband sported the cost for those. Did I ever tell you that Sharee made out with the bass player for Bare Naked Ladies? (before she was married:)

brittanyc said...

I am shocked that anyone but me and Chris like Faith No More. Nothing like rocking out to old-school music! And I have seen the Beastie Boys (now lets talk smelling "the doob"), very great concert!! And holy-crap, the killers are my truest love. Enjoy your concert!!!! Violet Hill is the newest song added to my favorites list.