Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Quinn!

Today is Quinn's 8th birthday. Shhh, don't tell her though. Her dad is out of town until tonight so we've decided to postpone festivities until tomorrow. She already got her new birthday bike, Hannah Montana of course, so I don't feel like quite as big a schmuck for deliberating ignoring her special day.
Approximately eight years and two and a half hours ago our first baby girl joined our family...three weeks earlier than expected (consequently, life with Quinn has resulted in many other surprises). She was perfect and beautiful and tiny...still is. But, we had no idea the obstacles that lay ahead of her.
I cannot explain how much love and respect I have for this special little girl. She has taught me what it means to love unconditionally, she has taught me that a persons shortcomings do not define who they are or what they can do, she has taught me patience...she has tried my patience.
It's hard to imagine life without Quinn...a little quieter, maybe. She has been such an asset and blessing to our family. She has taught us so much and we continue to grow and learn from her. I am proud and priviledged to be her mother.
Pin-a-loo-who, happy, happy birthday. We all love you soooo much.


Kedra Simpson said...

Happy Birthday Quinn!!! We love you!

Jodi Simon said...

(Please read Quinn my note)Quinny-I am so glad I got to see you before your birthday. I love your sweet spirit. I hope your baptism is WONDERFUL. Your daddy is great and will take good care of you. Love you!! Happy Birthday (late)

Ashlyn said...

Quinn was so funny when i called her to tell her happy birthday. I cant wait to come up and see her bike that she told me she loved, and see her get baptized. see you guys in three days.