Sunday, July 27, 2008

Nerds in Love



Boy and Girl...together. my twelfth anniversary. For more than a decade now, I have lived my life in marital bliss...blur...err, I mean bliss.
It all began thirteen years ago, in gospel doctrine class. There he was, lookin' all intellectual in his freakishly huge glasses. And there I was, lookin' all sassy in my chunky sandals and prarie skirt. For that is where Chad and I first laid eyes on each other. It wasn't love at first sight...or second or third, for either of us. Perhaps it was his goggles. Perhaps it was my homage to Little House on the Prarie. But, somewhere down the line, stars aligned or planets shifted and we fell head over chunky heels in love with each other.
After our first date...a discussion on the human genome project...we were inseparable; like Han and Leia, Wash and Zoe, Mulder and Sculley.
To you Chad, I say, happy anniversary. Never again will either of us have to wander, alone, in nerd-dom, for we have each other...forever, and ever and ever...whether we like it or not.
I love you babe, gargantuan glasses and all.


Kedra Simpson said...

That is so hilarious!! I love the pics. I don't think I have ever seen a picture of you (erika) little and I think Avery looks a lot like you. So cute!

Way to go you too. I can't believe its been that long. You guys rock!

Jodi Simon said...

Congrats. That is excellent! Way to make it. Great story. BIG HA HA HA.

Malea said...

Hey, didn't you hear, nerd is the new chic. Too bad my style of nerd is only wanna be. ( The intellectual kind, least) Has it really been that long ago? I remember my first night when I met Chad. I, just home from Russia, asked, "who sings this song?" Chad, "Deep Blue Something". Me, "Deep Blue, what?" Chad "Something". Me "Erika, do you know the name of the group?" Both of you, "SOMETHING, DEEP BLUE SOMETHING"

Bill Nicolich said...

Chad and Erica: Bill here. Your 12th anniversary? Congratulations!

I suppose I was around somewhere when you first met each other but some of those St. George memories are a bit faded. Tell me more!

Your story reminds me of how fun to be around you guys are: both smart, witty, humorous, stylish and also classy and responsible. You make a solid duo.

Well, before I start sounding like the drunk friend at the reception, I ought to hand the microphone back over to someone more stable. wait... I want to say... give me that... I love... no!... argh... I love you guys...!!!