Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fight FOCA

Hello friends and bloggy peeps,

I am not usually one to force my ideals and/or opinions, but when it comes to children, or in this case an unborn child, I have a hard time sitting back and letting the chips fall where they may (especially when I am currently serving as host to a fetus).

Also, this is my blog and I am free to say whatever I want, right? So here goes the spiel.

Stepping on soapbox now (if you are not fond of political discussion, you may leave).

Currently, the government is in the process of trying to pass a horrible piece of legislation called FOCA, otherwise known as The Freedom of Choice Act. This Act seeks to make abortion a fundamental right. It seeks to eradicate any and every restriction on abortion nationwide, both on a state and federal level.

I don't know about you, but the thought of abortion becoming an unregulated right scares the living crap out of me. I know that in my current position I am not able to do much, but I can at least make my voice heard by signing a petition against FOCA, which I have done already.

I just want to encourage any of you visiting to do the same. And spread the word amongst your family and friends. It is so simple and takes literally seconds to complete. Just go to www.fightFOCA.com and sign the petition (I have provided the link in the upper left hand corner of my bloggy...for your convenience). Even if we are unsuccessful, which I don't think we will be, at least we can say we tried.

Kay, stepping of soapbox now. Good night.

P.S. I know the song says "I fought the law and the law won", but I really don't think this will be case in our situation...I am confident of success. Nevertheless, I kept the song, regardless of it's message, because I don't know of any song with the catchphrase "I fought the law and totally kicked it's can"...maybe I'll write something myself. Anywho, just pretend that's what my boys from The Clash really are singing, um-kay. Thanks, kindly.


Malea said...

Thanks, girly girl. I get political from time to time as well. And as this is a representation of who you are, then you are perfectly o.k. by stating what's close to your heart.
ps, have you seen Swing Vote? It's actually a pretty good show, there's a part in it related to abortion that is actually funny.

Jodi Simon said...

way to go sis. got on it. how about we make laws about getting pregnant when you don't intend on keeping it? that would be nice, huh.

Grandma Cindy said...

Hurrah for political activism, as long as its from moral, upright, beautiful mothers. Thanks for the headsup on this issue.