Thursday, February 12, 2009

Top 25 Reasons Why You Are My Valentine.

1- You bring me cupcakes...just because.
2- You love Norman Gentle too.
3- You agree that Jude Law and Dave Beckham are two of the most beautiful men to ever walk the earth.
4- You bring me home Barbacoa when you stop for lunch.
5- You bring me home cream soda when you run out to the store.
6- You like spending time with me and the kids.
7- I can't sleep when you are out of town.
8- You support my preoccupation with my current condition.
9- You take me out for steak and loaded sweet potatoes.
10- You thank me for making dinner...most of the time.
11- You rub my belly and talk to our fetus.
12- You play light sabres with the boys.
13- You tell our daughters they are beautiful.
14- You tell me I'm beautiful.
15- You eat my food even when it's not the most appetizing.
16- You help the kids with their homework.
17- You let me blog...even though it bugs you...a lot.
18- You are friendly to everyone.
19- You make the kids burritos when I don't feel like cooking.
20- You tell me when my hair looks terrible in the back.
21- You read stories to Avery.
22- You take Carter to karate and guitar.
23- You pick up Quinn's medicine
24- You sit with Beckham when he won't go to nursery.
25- You are my best friend.


chel wakley said...

That is such a good idea. I might need to borrow it :) I have not seen you forever. I really miss ya in nursery. Ya know.

Bill Nicolich said...

Good stuff Brendles! To be married and best friends...that's good! No. 20 is kind of tricky.

Jodi Simon said...

what a nice man. good of you to make note of his good qualities, even the little ones that just make life nice.

Malea said...

I love your comments about all the food. You cracketh me up. Friend to friend, sistah; your dudes' actually lookin' fine in that photo, and you can tell him I said that, too.

6deans said...

So cute :) I actually just posted my top 20 on my blog also. Great minds think alike. Happy V-Day.

Kedra Simpson said...

Both of you just rock and are definitly two of my favorite people. Hope to see you soon!!

Grandma Cindy said...

Outstanding! So glad to hear these kind of comments about my first born. So glad that you notice them out loud.