Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekend(s) update.

It has been a long while...too long. And I am repentant to have left without saying goodbye. Please forgive me. Here's what's been going on during my absence.
We finalized both the purchase of our "new" home and the sale of our "old" home, moved out of the "old" home and started demo-ing and remodeling the "new" one; which consequently has forced us into temporary homelessness. Thankfully we were able to find some good samaritans to take our brood sister and her family. Methinks she might be regretting that decision now, but she and her family are to too kind to kick a pregnant lady and her four children out into the cold, so here we are, still mooching off the fam.
The past two weeks have been spent trying to get things finished on the house so that we can leave my sister and her family to the peace and serenity they once long ago. But, honestly I am not sure when the house will be done. Hopefully it will be done "enough" that we can start moving in this week, but I know better than to get my hopes up.
On a lighter, happier note, Chad and I went to the Coldplay concert last night. Again, I bided my time by watching fellow concert goers act like imbaciles. This concert experience boasted a middle aged, ice-cream licking, dancing man, a couple of scantilly clad hoochie ladies shakin' their assets, and another freaky, dancing lady off in la-la land. And like last time, I became the freaky, dancing, old lady when my boy Chris took to the stage and started singing.
In a nutshell, the concert was amazing. Coldplay is probably my favorite band and it was surreal to think that I was in the same room with them. They were cordial and gracious throughout the entire concert which makes me love them even more. I have spent the blessed sabbath walking in a Coldplay daze. Unfortantely it's back to the grind tomorrow.
I have left you with a few of my favorite coldplay songs...that are still ringing in my ears...literally.


Emily N said...

Good luck with the house- and it's so great to family around to help out. My sister went to Coldplay also- I'll have to ask her about it. I LOVE going to a concert- especially a loved band concert. I hope you are basking in its glory.

Wendy Olson said...

This is Wendy Olson! I am so glad you left a comment on my blog. Good old Brittany is the way to keep in touch with people. I can't believe your family is so grown up and so much bigger than it was back in the 1000 court days! We really should have a reunion one of these days.


6deans said...

I was wondering where the #@")you have been...I am so glad you have closed on both houses...that must be such a relief to have that behind you. Can't wait to see more of your new house. EM

Jodi Simon said...

'bout time woman. you have to keep making time for the important things! (can this even be considered in the top 10?) envious of your concert goings. fun fun fun.

Malea said...

Being a mom, no one could fault you if you were to spontaneously start singing "keep on swimming swimming swimming..." during all of the stress and changes you are having. Keep on keepin on!

Afflecks said...

Sounds like fun! We miss you guys! When are we going to do a girl's night or dinner group? Sounds like you've been keeping busy!