Thursday, November 6, 2008

Lil' Bruiser.

The other night I decided to retire to bed early. Ever the involved parent that I am, I turned a movie on for the big kids and sent them downstairs, while I took the lil' guy upstairs with me. I turned on an episode guessed it...Little Einstein's, so as to give the boy some intellectual edification whilst I rested the ol' eyes. For the record, I was resting my eyes, not sleeping.
Anywho, at some point I did end up dozing off and was awoken by the blood curdling screams of my little man. It is never fun waking up to that sound and my heart nearly burst out my chesticle.
Sometime during my, uh-hum, brief moment of unconsciousness, my little guy decided to venture down to the basement where his elder siblings were...supposedly sleeping. Something tells me there was no sleeping going on, but rather the usual shenanigans that seem to plague our family.
By the time I had my wits about me, Avery had already climbed the two flight of stairs with her screaming brother in tow. She explained that Beckham had been playing, while they were all "resting" and had somehow fallen off the bed and hit his eye on the trundle. Uh huh, sure. She handed over her injured brother and promptly left...the sign of the guilty. When I was finally able to focus my weary eyes I was immediately drawn to Beckham's left eyebrow. It seriously looked like the boy had a mutant alien growing under his was ridiculous.
By morning the swelling had gone down, but had left a nasty purple bruise in its wake.
It has been a couple days since the incident took place, but it looks worse now than before. The bruising has moved down the side of his face along his temple, and is underneath his eye as well. Poor kid. He doesn't even know how pathetic he looks. I have made it a point not to venture out in public so as to avoid the dreaded "what happened" question. Even if it was an innocent little accident there are always those mother's who like to flash the "that would never happen to my child" glare, and in my volatile hormonal state I felt it best to avoid the confrontation...not sure why, but pregnancy seems to bring out my impatient and intolerant side.
I will try to upload a picture soon, that is if I can find my camera and the necessary cord (we're in the middle of moving...just in case you were wonderin').

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Jodi Simon said...

can't wait to see the pics. gotta love those head/face injuries. so much more serious looking since everyone can see them and freak out and give you abused child looks. he won't hold it against you i am sure! he should have just went to be right?! p.s. the turkeys make it hard to read your great words.