Sunday, November 2, 2008

Weekend Update

This weekend has been a busy one. On Friday, Halloween, I attended the kiddies Halloween parade and then later that evening took them out trick-or-treating. I was pleased to see that for once mother nature cooperated and gave us some decent holiday weather. The kids were troopers and and came home with an ample supply of sugar...mama thanks you.
Saturday, our family partook in the dreaded annual Brendle family photo shoot. For some reason the word picture brings out the very worst in my family. Every year I get my hopes up thinking that this will be the year; the year everyone decides to be a team player and will smile, smile, smile til' their little cheek muscles quiver with exhaustion. And every year I'm disappointed. This year was no exception. However, the photographer had a finger like a trigger-happy gun slinger...the fastest finger in the west...and was able to capture some pretty great moments. Thanks Amy.
In addition to our photo shoot, I have started feeling lousy and we have started packing up for the big move down the street. We have to be out of our current home by the tenth, which leave us this week to get everything done. Fingers crossed that the deal on our Fruitwood house goes through.
And finally, today, Sunday, is Beckham's birthday. I am grateful he is only two, and will not care that his day was really lame...just a couple presents and a crappy Wal-mart cake.
I am hoping that the remainder of the weekend involves, me, a bed and some peace and quiet. But, I'm not holding my breath on that one. And now, some pics...don't be surprised when you see one of them donning our annual Christmas card in a few weeks.

This pretty much encapsulates how the whole family feels about picture time.


Emily said...

Love the family portrait session. Oh and he truly is a cute BECKHAM...I will be thinking of names for your next little one. How exciting you sold your house? Where are you going? I need an update...leave a comment on my blog and give me the scoop. Love Ya. EM

Malea said...

Carter totally cracks me up. Hardly know him personally, but from the stories you've related in the blog, he seems to have a subtle "I rule you" thing going on. Love 'em.

Jodi Simon said...

Not so bad. Looks like bundles of fun. I have not even had the guts to attempt, for fear I will show my most ugly side and get arrested for abuse. Why can't they just do it???

Wes and Megan Bell said...

oh my gosh they turned out so cute

chel wakley said...

I love the family pics. They are darling.

Kedra Simpson said...

You guys always take the best family photos!!! I still have yet to master a good wardrobe for the family and that makes a big difference. You guys always look so well put together. I especially love the pictures of you and chad. i didn't realize you had an offer on the house?! That is amazing.

Happy Birthday Beckham!! cutest kid on the block!

crush said...

Love your pictures! Who took them? You look like a total babe and your kids are so cute!