Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Post Election Day Emotions.

I thought I had best remove my nobama ticker before the government tracked me down and tried me for treason.
No seriously, this post is for my kiddies, but read on if you like.
Today history has been made. Though I am a staunch republican and voted as such, I cannot help but feel a little proud of the history that has been made this day. Though I cannot profess to support everything president-elect Obama stands for, I do believe that all men are created equal...regardless of race, religion, etc. For that I believe this day is a victory for everyone.
Little ones, I know that you cannot fully understand the gravity of this situation, but it is something your children and grandchildren will read about in their history books.
The one thing I hope to impress upon you most is that this country is great. It was founded my great men who wanted it to be a home for people of all colors, races and creeds. It is truly the one place a person can become whatever they want, and can accomplish anything they set their mind to. I hope, my little kiddies, that you will always remember that.
Okay, now I'm off to bury all my gold and silver and secure the bunker...just in case.
P.S. Another proud moment for me today was seeing that proposition eight passed. The people have spoken...long live the family.


Malea said...

lololololololol...I'm sorry, I started giggling the moment I clicked on the blog and heard the tune. And I couldn't stop, even while reading your patiotic post.
I agree....long live the Fam!!! I was trying to think of a good tune for that besides We are Family. I considered "Going back to Cali", but from what I remember, it mentioned something about Hash, if you can think of anything let me know my music guru.

Kedra Simpson said...

amen, sista

6deans said...

Great feelings exactly. Now lets hope for the change he has promised.

Emily N said...

I love everything you said. I also LOVE your family pictures. I especially love the pictures of the kids in the tree- SO cute.

chel wakley said...

Heya I have a question for you. I love the way you did your cupboards in your main bathroom. The rubbed black look. Can you give me a lesson? I would love to do that in mine. Your decorating style is darling I love it.

chel wakley said...

Are you kidding me, your house is darling. And you know mine is the same pretty much so I might steal some of your ideas if you don't mind. I love the bench by the front door. And such a great idea to have that picture hang to seperate off the laundry room.

6deans said...

Erika- What about the name Dixon? Kind of cute? EM