Monday, September 28, 2009

Sew much fun...pun intended.

Sew (he he) I know that you all must be tiring of my chit chat about sewing and whatnot but you'll just have to bare with me until the phase passes. It is my current fave to the impending Halloween holiday. Those of you who know me well know how much I love, love, love Halloween. And what could be better than a mash-up of the two things I love most right now...sewing and Halloween. Introducing my newest creations...Halloween inspired dresses for the girlies. They are SEW cute (okay I'll stop with puns now). I heart them so much. And the little "ghouls" are pretty cute too, if I may be so bold. Enjoy.


Rowan. I love that she is totally getting into character. "Give me your scariest Halloween face". May I just add that since taking these pics I've added three little black buttons on Rowan's dress and it's like...totally way cuter now.

Okay. Now a cute picture of Rowan.


And a random picture of a skirt I made.


Malea said...

Pshaw! Are you trying to take away all of my duct taped clothing business customers away? It is so on...

Ashlyn said...

Those are so cute! Erika you make the cutest stuff! I love that picture of baby.