Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Guilty Pleasures

So, this morning after dropping the kiddies off to school, I sped over to Wally's to return a some items and pick up a few things. As I proceeded to the check out and started unloading my "few necessities" I found myself a little embarrased...might have been the Miley Cyrus CD, uh-hum, I picked up for the children, might have been the two packs of diet Docksta Peppa and diet Docksta Peppa with cherry...none of which were on my list of "things to buy".
Consequently, I forgot the Minute Rice which was on the list.
Anywho, as I stood there waiting, praying the bagger would hurry up so that, heaven forbid, no one I knew got in line behind me, I realized that I have quite a few skeletons in the closet...guilty pleasures as it were.
I have decided to come clean, to lift the burdens that weigh me down and share those things I find blissfully and utterly joyful, that may otherwise be repulsive and/or shameful by others standards. Contain your scoffs and know you have 'em too. Here goes.

1- Miley Cyrus (while I may criticize her for dating an underwear model four years her senior...I do enjoy a little GNO and Rockstar here and there. My new fave song...Party in the USA...just try not to dance when you hear it. Which brings me to number two).

2- Dancing around the house. (Though I once considered myself an enigma on the dance floor, I am no longer comfortable sharing my moves with the general public. But that doesn't stop me from dancin' it up in the privacy of my home).

3- Zak Efron ('scuse me whilst I mop up the drool. Oh come on, you know you all have wondered if his dad is as hot as he is).

4- ICarly (This show has made me cry from laughing so hard. It is better than any "grown-up" show on the air currently, methinks. I have even caught Chad watching and laughing).

5- Peter Cetera (That mans voice can stop me dead in my tracks. He is so buttery..."I am a man who will fight for your hona'...I'll be the hero that you're dreamin' off...that's what I'm talkin' about).

6- Popping things (like pimples, boils, clogged tear current fave. Hey, don't hate).

7- Soda (and not just the "grown up" kind. I loooooooooves me some root beer and orange and grape flavored carbonation...proabably more than any other drinkable liquid known to mankind).

8- Ramen noodles (proudly I have passed this love on to my children. I know, not very appetizing to those with a refined palate, but as we all know that is not me...refer to number 7. BTW, oriental's the only way to go).

9- Chocolate and peanut butter melt (this concoction began as a childhood delicacy which I still love. Recipe: First, melt a boat load of chocolate chips...preferably of the milk chocolate variety in the microwave. Once smooth and liquidy add in a ton of peanut butter. Mix and enjoy by the spoonfuls. Might I add that I have also passed this love on to my kiddies).

10- Backyardigans (Yes, I own the CD and listen to it even if the kids are not in the car. My personal faves: Boinga and Eureka. Again, might I add, that these fictional characters have some of the kick-i-nest dance moves ever. I could add in an eleventh guilty pleasure of "staying up after everyone's in bed so I can learn the Backyardigans moves" but might be a little redundant...refer to number two).

11- People magazine (it is the most reliable source for all things celebrity gossip I'll have you know. Plus, they always throw in a few "legitimate" stories from real life to make you feel like less of a worldly schmuck. Besides, it also serves as a good cover..."I was reading in People the other day...ya, I bought it because it had this amazing story about a child who can't grow... Oh, and it also has a celebrity crossword puzzle at the end...BONUS!).

There are plenty more to go round, but I'll just leave it at that for now. I should probably ease ya'll into the world of Erika.
I would be curious to hear about YOUR guilty pleasures. NO, I am not trying to make myself feel better...okay, maybe I am just a little.


Tice said...

Miley is *totally* danceable. Zac is dreamy. So much so that I watch his movies, even if they aren't that great, just to support him in his efforts. I've never given ICarly a whirl, thoughts it's a fave amongst my keeds. Popping things, not so much. But cleaning out earwax is one of my favorite pastimes. I'm gonna have to disagree on the soda issue. If it ain't Dr. Pepper, you won't find me near it. And, no it can't be Dr. Thunder or Dr. Zeppa, thankyouverymuch.

megan b. said...

ummm don't hate me, but i've been watching the o.c. lately. it is total trash, but somehow i know when it is on. i always have my hand on the remote so i can hurry and change the channel, heaven forbid someone should catch me watching it. also arby's mozarella sticks and people magazine as well and anything 80's i am naturally drawn to.

brendleca said...

Yeah, Megan. Been there, done that with the O.C. I totally hear ya on the changing channel thing. But it was more outta fear that my kids might see.
And Tice. Too bad you don't live closer. We'd totally have to have a Zak Efron night.

Kim said...

I have to admit, I downloaded the soundrack to the Hannah Montana movie for myself- there are some great running songs on there! I think the Backyardigans are darling, but I can't stand their theme song- we checked out a dvd from the library once, and it would be on the menu screen singing that song over and over and over. That cured me. I have to agree with you on Zac Effron. Way cute.

Malea said...

I like me some Zac Efron, that is for sure. But the fact that my son has me quoff his hair daily like him annoys me a little. The original Zack...yes that's Zack Morris...still has me weak in the knees. Now I've passed the love onto my kids, and now little MJ Jr. hearts Kelly just a tad. We also dance around to the episodes with Zack Attack...sing with me, "friends forevah, alway's we'll be friends..."

Jodi Simon said...

HI-LAR-IOUS. You are a riot. Way to go. LOOOOOVE IT.

Anonymous said...

We have so much in common! I like to dance AND sing and I'm pretty sure my neighbors can hear me.

Michele Ashman Bell said...

I'm a huge iCarly fan. Love Spencer!!! Pop, oh yea. We are related, I can tell.