Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ode to a barstool.

Dear barstool,

Oh how I love thee. I saw you the other day in my Pottery Barn magazine and it was love at first sight. It was an unlikely match as I despise all things bananas, but when I found out you were made from banana leaves it did not matter. Love knows no bounds, no color, no race nor fruit.
But sadly our union cannot be, at least for now. You see, dear stool, you cost a pretty penny and I have none. But fear not, friend with clean lines and meager lumbar support, true love cannot be hindered.
Until then, my love, you shall occupy my thoughts constantly. I shall imagine the way your buttery yellow hue will contrast nicely with the gingery hard wood floors upon which you'll sit; the way your simple and uncomplicated lines will accentuate the island around which you'll float.
My love, though it may not be right now, I WILL find a way for us to be together...and it WILL be beautiful.

Yours truly and forever (or until I find a barstool I like better),

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Emily said...

so many posts to catch up on! And, by the way, my favorite part of going to get my hair cut--reading the people magazine, my lady knows to grab one for me if they're going quick. Also, as far as the barstool goes, lovely yes, but I learned my lesson with wicker-ish stools after two kids puked up their dinner on them. Nasty. Plain wood wipes up so much better!

But if you love 'em that much, maybe you'll take on the pain :)