Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Inturder Alert: Mousecapades Part Deux

My sancturary has been infiltrated yet again. This time however, it was an act of treason. Yes, one of our own has betrayed us. I knew that cat was pure evil from the moment I laid eyes on her.
During the night our kitty went off galavanting around the fields and came home with a VERY UNWANTED visitor.
Chad and I were resting in our room with the balcony door open...something that goes against all my principles for the exact reason of which I am about to share.
Sometime during the evenig the traitor came in through the open door, though I don't recall when as both Chad and I had dozed off.
Later that night Chad woke up to shut the door at which time both he and I were startled by the sound of our normally lazy cat, scurrying about the house like a kitty on crack.
Chad offered to go see what she was up to and I happily accepted his offer. What ensued was the sound of hissing, not by the cat but rather by Chad, and some stomping and jumping about, again not by the cat.
Eventually, I heard the garage door open and slam shut and Chad climb back into bed. When I inquired about the raucous I'd heard he ignored me and feigned sleep. That's how I knew something was up. I asked again and he delicately broke the news that our devil cat had brought a mouse into the house...but it was dead...he added, as if that might make me feel any better.
I dry heaved, then rolled over and tried to go back to sleep.
In my drousy condition I forgot to ask Chad how he had disposed of the wretched pest. But this morning when I remembered he said he put it out in the garage with the cat...okay wait, hold the freakin' phone. Did he just tell me that he didn't get rid of the mouse.
Needless to say, I was not happy about this news. And before leaving for work I made the buster do a thorough sweep of the garage, and emore importantly of my car.
There was no mouse to be found.
Now, I am forced to wonder...did my traitor cat eat Mickey, or did she hide it somewhere out in the mounds and masses of boxes that clutter my garage? I guess we'll never know...at least not until Chad or I goes to move/open one of our boxes and finds the decayed carcus staring right back at us. Or perhaps, the potent, stench of death might be the clue we need to determine the fate of our mousy friend.
What if I'm driving and take a sharp turn only to spot the dead mouse torpedoing towards my head. Worse yet, what if Satan, I mean Salem, did in fact hide the mouse in the car and we don't realize it until the dead of summer and I go to get in and am overcome with the stanky, rancid stench of post-mordem rodent...a new car is what that means...looking at the bright side of things.
Regardless, my mind will continue to play out all the scenarios until some sort of remains are found...not that I am looking forward to it...but for my mental well-being.
And I can assure you, when...if, the time does come you know you'll all be the first to hear about it.


Malea said...

Oh, if I could have blogged when we lived in our mouse house in Washington. So sorry. So, so sorry.

6deans said...

That darn Cat...I hope you find it soon before it starts to make a gross stinky smell. Good luck with that :)

Jodi Simon said...

you did not mention the possibility that the rotten cat ate the fresh wonderful mouse and will just leave its partially digested bones in nice heaps somewhere around your yard. your kids can then pretend they are paleantologists.

Emily said...

Remember that skinny storage room in our old house in between the kitchen and my parents room--the one that you and I painted to door to while singing some 90's hit that is in my head but I can't think of the name--what was that song? anyway, I went in there once to get some flour for my mom. Moved the flour sack only to find a dead mouse with clinched fists staring up at me as if in it's final moments. AHHHHHH. (Mom had put one of those sticky traps in there and never removed it. What the heck?) Actually, I think you and I spent considerable time in that storage room with a flashlight, some cheese, and a birdcage trying to catch that mouse--remember that--haha.
Thanks for reading my long post :)

Anonymous said...

The smiles you bring me!! We had a dead mouse in our car once, it was a car we got from my grandma and it had been on a farm. It stank and we didn't know why until a much later discovery-yuckoooo.