Tuesday, May 12, 2009


So, I got a new mixer for Mother's Day and in my efforts to be more provident and frugal I thought I should start making homemeade bread.
It was pretty much a disaster.
My first batch of dough turned out dry so I chucked it in the garbage...which I was promptly scolded for by my daughter-mother (not very provident of me I guess).
So, I gave'er another go and the dough appeared significantly moister (ugh, I hate that word)...not as dry as the first batch.
I followed all the directions...put it in a warm place to rise, check; punch it down and split the dough into two loaves and let rise again, check; bake at 300 degrees for 30 minutes, check.
Here's the part where I should be posting pictures of the perfectly formed, golden loaves...problem is, my loaves turned out neither perfectly formed or golden brown...more like shriveled, white mounds of...poo.
Frankly, I am too embarrassed to post pics of the catastrophe, so I'll just let you all imagine the sorry excuse for bread in your own minds.
Now, because I like to think that I am a fairly competent person...capapble of following directions...I will chock this little incident up to, uh-hum, a faulty recipe.
My plea now, bloggy peeps, is for a good, tried and true, super yeasty (sometimes this word grosses me out, but not when referring to bread) bread recipe.
So please, if you have a recipe you don't mind sharing, I will be forever grateful...and so will my family.


Sum said...

I have lots of yummy white roll recipies but I never make white bread. Sorry If you want the yummiest orange roll recipe of all time I've got it.

Malea said...

k, go get some Blue Chip Baker Dough Enhancer. It has a super easy recipe on the back that I used when I first started making homemade bread. It pretty much works every time.

Malea said...
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Malea said...

Sorry the previous comment was typed by my kids when I left the computer for a minute. Anyway...what I meant to say is when you first put the dough in the pan, sweep it with some honey butter before the bread begins to rise. It gives it a little something extra for the baking. Then give it another sweep when it's done, 'cause I likes me some butter- honey.

6deans said...

Sorry I don't have any baking advice for you...when you figure out awesome bread send it my way :) I hope you are doing well...I miss ya :(

Jodi Simon said...

sister the problem is that you should have received a bread maker not a mixer. silly. i don't think it is possible to mess it up. but you shall feel more accomplished at your success when it comes, and it will come i am sure. good luck to you

Afflecks said...

Come on over and I'll show ya... Like I'm a pro. You know who to ask, little miss makes bread all the time Jen. I have a recipe that rarely fails, I'll send it your way along with a few tips!