Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday, Avery.

Six years ago today number three was born. Her birth was long awaited. Though she arrived almost a week early, it was not early enough for me (number's one and two had both come three weeks early). Finally, around midnight on the 26th I felt like something might be happening. I laid in bed for a few hours, just biding my time as I didn't want to leave for the hospital in the middle of the night (note: We were living in Sacramento at the time and had no family nearby. I did not want to have to call up our friends in the wee hours of the morning to babysit, so I just waited it out at home for a reasonable hour to come...I will not make that mistake again Finally at six, I decided it was time to wake Chad and call our friends to babysit. I remember vividly stopping by the video store to return a DVD on the way to hospital so we wouldn't be charged a late fee...another mistake I will not make.
We finally made it to the hospital and I was dilated to a six. After monitering my contractions for a half an hour, they transferred me to a delivery room. By then I was at an eight. The bright doctor broke my water and said he needed to perform a quick C-section then would be right back. Three contractions later I was in full blown labor, ready to push, with no doctor to deliver me (Please also note that this was not my regular doctor...just the guy who was on call from the practice).
For a moment things were frantic as nurses and residents tried to prepare themselves for the hasty delivery (Consequently, Avery has struggled with patience ever since. When she's ready and wants something, she wants it now).
Three pushes later, my baby "boy" was born. I say boy becuase I was certain that Avery was going to be a boy. So certain, that I didn't even bother packing a cute, pink, girly outfit.
She weighed a mere eight pounds and six ounces. Ouch! She caused substantial damage...I won't go into detail, but was so stinkin' cute that I didn't care if I would ever walk normally again. She looked like a little asian baby; granted a pale, pasty asian baby, with her full, chubby face and almondy eyes (Just FYI, my dad reminds many of Mr. Miyagi, again a pale, fair-skinned Mr. Miyagi).
We had a hard time picking a name for Avery, shocker! Mainly because we hadn't bothered picking out any girl names. One of my sister's suggested the name Avery and we were set. Her middle name was much easier to choose...Belle, after my grandma. Avery Belle; it has a nice ring to it.
The past six years with Avery has been anything but dull. She is the feisiest and spunkiest kid of the bunch...a true redhead...except that she's blonde. She is funny, smart and charming and I love the kid...attitude and all.
Avery you are my sunshine. My life without you would be bleak and dark. I love you so much. I hope you have a wonderful birthday...my little Aver-cakes.


Malea said...

I love the song choice. It's what I sing to the kids every night before bed. Happy Birthday little Avery!

Michele Ashman Bell said...

Sweet song, love it! We are big fans of your little Avery. We've quoted her many times and have laughed at her wonderfully witty and direct comments on life. Can't imagine our family without this amazing and spunky little girl. Happy Birthday Avers!

Kim said...

Tell Avery Happy Birthday! She is such a cute little girl (I say "little" in the loosest sense- she is 6 going on 35- as you well know.) She is so much fun!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe its been that long since you guys have lived here, I'm posting late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY AVERY!! I've always LOVED her name!!

Jodi Simon said...

happy birthday little Avers. Hope it was a good one. That's a great picture mom posted of you. love you.

6deans said...

How fun to read her birth story. You made me laugh as always. I hope she had a great Birthday =)

Ashlyn said...

we forgot to call avery but we promise a call soon tell avery i said happy birthday!