Thursday, March 25, 2010

If Adolf Hitler were a puppet...

So, Carter just finished up his class rotation of biography reports. He was given the choice of picking someone famous, or infamous in his case, to research and report on.
He chose...Adolf Hitler. Shocker!!!
Frankly, I was a little concerned at first, that he would CHOOSE to research someone so...well, horrible for lack of a better word. And then I remebered back to when I was in sixth grade and preparing for my sixth grade oral report.
The morning of, I recall my mother handing me a felt swastika and black eyeliner pencil to put in my backpack for later use.
When I got to school and it came time to stand before the class, one by one, and share what we had learned, I pulled out the felt, swastika armband my mother had made for me and secured it appropriately around my upper, left arm. Then I removed my mother's black eyeliner pencil and drew on the tiniest of moustaches above my upper lip. Voila!!! There I was...Hitler incarnate.
I remember feeling slightly uncomfortable standing before the class...not only reporting on pretty much the worst human being to ever grace the earth, but looking like a miniature version of him to boot.
I couldn't tell if Mrs. Wright's smirk meant, "look at the little cute Aryan, Adolph Hitler wannabe", or "what a horribly atrocious sight" and frankly it didn't matter. All I wanted to do was finish my report and abandoned the swastika and "stache".
Thankfully for Carter, no dress up was involved...only a creepy puppet.
His assignment was to make a puppet resembling that of Hitler, which he would then use to deliver his report in front of the class. As I said, creepy. But atleast the boy wasn't having to dress up like the dude.
Anywho, here he is...Adolf Hitler, puppet style. I've also included a few facts Carter shared during his report for your edification.

Adolf Hitler
Born April 20, 1889 in Braunau Austria to Alois and Klara Hitler
Was a bright, intelligent and popular child.
Considered becoming a monk at one time.
Wanted to go to art school which his father did not support.
Was rejected by two art schools which humiliated him greatly.
Volunteered for German army and was a great soldier, receiving several medals.
Was a great and influential speaker which propelled him into a life of politics.
Became the leader of the NAZI party.
Believed in a "master race"...blond hair and blue eyes.
Killed many people and died by suicide.
Will forever be remembered as a tyrant and the guy with a teeny moustache.


Mandi said...

This may sound really bad but that is the cutest puppet that I have ever seen! And I can totally picture you dressed like Hitler- that is so funny!

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