Sunday, March 7, 2010

Reno- The biggest little city in the world...whatever that means.

Just got back from my little vacay to the biggest little city on earth. Wasn't too thrilled initially as I'm not much into the casino/gambling scene. But, when I got into the room and realized that I had the run of the place for the entire day...I finally got it.

A vacation...a real vacation, where I could take a bubble bath...alone, and I didn't have to worry about washing and folding any of the towels I tossed onto the floor. Or laying on the bed reading, and watching a little T.V. ...Keeping up with the Kardashian's, Eighteen Kids and Counting, Little People, Big World, The Doctor's, Dr. Phil without interruption. Dreaming about what I wanted to eat and knowing that my tummy's dreams could be fulfilled with the touch of a dial.
Yes, I realized, it truly was a vacation and I loved it.

Here are a few highlights:

1- Not crashing on the airplane (I realize my fear of flying is totally nonsensical, but I can't help it...and I am very grateful we didn't go down, Buddy Holly style).

2- Finishing a whole book in the three days I was gone.

3- Eating out = Not cooking.

4- Corn tomatillo from Chevy's. I cannot stop thinking about it.

5- Rotisserie chicken from Boston Market.

6- Sleeping in.

7- Ski lessons.

8- Crashing through a mesh net fence during said ski lesson.

9- Not breaking or fracturing anything (except my pride) during said ski lesson.

10- Going to the bathroom in the hotel room and hearing the unusual sound of snoring coming from the hotel bathroom above me...must have been some night!!!

11- The plentiful domestic altercations from our next door neighbors.

12- Pulling my first slot and losing five dollars.

13- Chad pulling the slots and winning back my five dollars.

14- Reno temple.

15- Thirty-seven phone calls from Avery the first day we were gone.

16- Spending time alone with the hubby.

17- Having a break from being mommy.

18- Hugging my babies when I got home.

Thanks to a husband who can see when I am in need of a break and MAKES me take one.
Thanks to a grandma who still showed up even with a kid who had strep, a kid who had double ear infections and a kid who was puking. No amount of See's candy can say thank you enough, but hopefully it will help repress the memories.


Lance & Kristy said...

That made me cry just a little--beautiful stories make me cry.

Anonymous said...

DANG IT!! I forgot you guys were gonna be there! DANG DANG DANG

Afflecks said...

Sounds wonderful! It's always good to get away and remember who you are as a person. Love your idea of taking the kids on dates, too. We usually call it "special time" and it's usually just with dad, since he doesn't see them as often as I do. Sometimes it's just running errands with him and stopping by the dollar store...