Friday, August 22, 2008

Too too cute tutu's.

Here are some pics of the girls' tutu's. I love how ridiculously full and fluffy they are.

Avery's black cat tutu (front).


Quinn's leopard tutu (front).



Liz said...

I LOVE it!! What a cute idea

Kedra Simpson said...

Those are so cute!!! I might have to have one made for Olivia. maybe I will get the stuff when I am there, if you are up for making one more :)

brittanyc said...

Halloween and Fall are my absolute favorite times of year!!!!! I love them with all of my heart. Your blog made me all giddy for the upcoming season! And that does it...I'm starting my fall decorating. I love the Halloween costumes. How stinking cute!!!!!

Emily N said...

You're so on the ball. I'd like to decorate for Halloween, I guess I need some decorations first though. Those tutus are AWESOME. I wish I was crafty. You're kids look adorable.

Jodi Simon said...

I am very impressed by the theme each year and these are great! well done domestic goddess!!

Tony, Natalie, Madison & Steven said...

I too enjoy the fall season. The other day it was a very cool 70 degrees and it made me long for August to be over. You did a wonderful job on the costumes! Madison would love one. Did you use a pattern or was it just from scratch?