Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Soundtrack Of My Life

I just visited a friends (Liz) blog and she had the soundtrack of her life posted. Ever the music enthusiast, I had to do mine. So, here it is. If any of you want to try it yourself the rules are: open your music library (ipod, Itunes, Winamp, Media Player), put it on shuffle, press play, for every question jot down the name of the song that is playing, press next when you move on to the next question. NO CHEATING!!!

Opening Credits: "I Don't Wanna Be" Gavin DeGraw
Waking Up: "Salvation" Rancid
First Day At School: "Running" No Doubt (Okay, I have to comment. So, I had major separation issues as a child and this song is totally appropriate. It would be even more appropriate if the song was called "Running... Home to Mama")
Falling in Love: "With Or Without You" U2 (Ahhh, I just love U2)
Fight Song: "I Know" Drake Bell
Prom: "The Scientist" Coldplay
Breaking Up: "Rock the Casbah" The Clash (Nothin' like a little Clash to fuel the fire)
Life's Okay: "Rapunzel" Dave Matthews (Probably the most obsure Dave Matthews song. I should go and listen to the words)
Mental Breakdown: "Forget Me Nots" Patrice Rushen
Driving: "The World Has Turned And Left Me Here" Weezer
Flashback: "Got You (Where I Want You)" The Flys
Getting Back Together: "Everybody Got Their Something" Nikka Costa
Wedding Day: "Round Here" Counting Crows
Birth Of A Child: "Flowing" 311 (As long as it's epidural juice!!!)
Final Battle: "@*$! Town" Live (How'd that get on my ipod? I sware I don't listen to this song)
Death Scene: "American Boy" Estelle featuring Kanye West (Great ditty. Perfect too, if I were in a club... dancing myself to death)
Funeral Song: "Here Comes Your Man" Pixies
Credits: "Killer Queen" Queen (FABULOUS!!!)

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Liz said...

I love your soundtrack! Your songs are a lot "cooler" than mine. Does that mean your life is way more exciting too? Yes!