Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter 2010. Part 2

I'm not sure how it happened, but I forgot to mention a couple of memorable hi-lights from our Easter trip.
First, I tried my first funnel cake. It was delicious, but a little overrated if you ask me. I gauge my YUM factor on how long it takes me to start craving *insert delicacy here* after eating it the first time. It's been almost a week and a half and I haven't even thought about the legendary funnel cake. Now the quesadilla...that's another story. I was craving another one of those puppies the following day...and frankly haven't stopped thinking about them.
Second, Beckham got married...well kind of. It is no secret that Beckham adores his cousin Ainsley. I guess watching her shake her groove thang on stage and galavant around the festival in her sparkly little rectial number was too much for him to take. Next thing we know she and he were in the middle of a gazebo kissing. When asked what they had been doing they both repsonded "getting married". Great. Looks like we'll be moving to Colorado City.
Finally, finding out that my TWENTY year old nephew had caught hand, foot and mouth disease. The notion just sorta struck me funny (not the part about his tastebuds being inflamed or their inability to perform their only job, or the sores in his throat etc. But the fact that Alex, my twenty year old nephew had succommed to a disease usually only tots contract. I think all of my kids have had it at one point in time and I am almost positive they all caught it from eating playground dirt. So Alex, I beg to question, have you been eating pee-pee, poo-poo dirt too?)
What's more, the poor guy (who is amazing mind you and performing in the musical Miss Saigon, currently running in St. George, which I would encourage all of you to buy tickets too if it hadn't already sold out...HOLLA) had kissed a female castmember during play practice prior to being diagnosed and had to call her up and tell her that she had been exposed to the ailment. It was quite the comedy of errors.
As always, trips to see the fam never matter how incestual or contagious they might be. Can't wait to see all you crazy guys again...hopefully sooner than later.
And now for your viewing pleasure, some pictures taken without my knowing by my wonderful hubby. Thanks love.

Some of the cousins. What a cute bunch of kids.

My little girlie...she's getting so big.

The happy couple.

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Mandi said...

I dont know how I missed that you updated your blog!! It was so fun to have you guys down here- are you coming down this weekend? Let us know because we can wait to see you!