Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Guess who I saw last night...

Grace and Charity...um hum, that's right. Grace and Charity made an appearance last night.
FHE plans changed last minute when Quinn brought home a note from school saying it was Silver Mesa up-Chuck-E-Cheese night. She was super excited about it, so I decided to postpone my wonderful and inspired FHE lesson for another time.
BUT, on the way to Mr. Cheese's I asked for the kiddies to simmer down for moment so I could say something.
I told them that I hadn't been very happy with the way they'd been speaking and treating members of the fam and even their friends. I explained that people are naturally drawn to individuals who are happy/positive/complimentary (may have a little over their heads but...) and that I would like to see them trying to be a little more "gracious". I mentioned that if I saw any noticeable improvement by next week there would be an award. And...I left it at that.
We headed into "the Cheese" and the kids took off. I sat myself down at a table and took in the surroundings...sreaming children, flashing lights and obnoxious bells and whistles...all the ingredients necessary for a substantial headache. And aside from the stimulation overload things were...nice. They became even nicer when number one came and sat by me at the table and said he needed to tell me something. Here's how the conversation went:
Carter: Mom I need to tell you something that I did.
Me: Oh Crap!!! What happened now (only I'm not saying this out loud, just yelling it in my head. Carter must have sensed my angst as he quickly followed up with this statement).
Carter: Don't worry mom, it's good.
Me: *sigh*So, what's going on?
Carter: I just gave all my tickets and tokens to a little boy in a wheelchair.
Me: (initially I wanted to ask him if he knew how much CEC tokens were, but then I remembered...grace, so instead I said:) Wow Cart, that was really nice of you.
Carter: Ya, I saw him sitting by the air hockey table and I asked him to play with me. Then I gave him the rest of my tokens and my tickets.
Me: Carter I super proud of you. High fives.
I really was proud of the kid. He's always had a particular soft spot for kids with disabilities and I was happy that he treated that little boy just like he was a "regular" ole kid. I could tell that Carter was pretty proud of himself too.
The night continued on without a hitch. When it came time for Avery to turn in her tickets for prizes she made sure to get something for her siblings as well as herself...another gracious act, I thought.
I left Chuck's place feeling like the kids were on the right track. Either they are really determined to be better people, or they really want their reward. Either way, I happy at the positive change. I hope that our new friends...grace and charity...come back to visit soon.


Anonymous said...

That story is sooooo sweet!! I love when our kids shock us with the goodness that is in them! Your writing always brings me smiles as well, you have a talent Erikaaaaaaaaaa.

megan b. said...

I love this idea! And I can just see your kids absolutely loving their special days! you go wonder woman.

megan b. said...

oops i meant that post to be about date night, but i also love this idea about grace and charity. i think this is going to be a hard lesson to learn for halle. she is already hitting kids for no reason and karate chopping them in the back when they try to play with her. thanks for being my trail blazer!

megan b. said...

whoa i am really messing up this whole comment thing. sorry!

Ashlyn said...

I love that Carter did that! I've never ever done something like that. I wish I could have something to say like Carter does now.