Thursday, July 2, 2009


So, it's been two weeks since the little peanut interesting two weeks. I know that in ten or twenty years I'll look back on this time with fondness, but seriously, if I have to remind one more child to "sit down" or "be gentle" or "stop poking the babies eyes" I might have to check myself into the looney bin.
The following conversation/dialogue took place last night. Mind you the following conversation takes place every time Beckham holds the little dear.

Beckham: I wanna hold the baby. I wanna hold the baby. I wanna hold the baby...
Mom: OKAY BECKHAM! Can you be gentle?
Beckham: I gentle.
Mom: Beckham, BECKHAM! No touching the babies eyes.
Mom: Beckham, BECKHAM! Stop pinching the babies ears.
Mom: Beckham, BECKHAM! No hitting the baby on the head.
Mom: Beckham, BECKHAM! No clawing the baby's face.
Beckham: I gentle, sob sob, I gentle, sob sob, I gentle, sob sob...

And just FYI, while I have been sitting here posting I have had to remind mother's two and three to, "stop fighting when you're holding the baby", "sit down", "two hands", "support her back", "do not try and color while holding the baby"...

In closing, I feel it necessary to assure all my family, especially Chad, that my mental state although noticeably irritable, is in fact stable.
But, if you happen to catch a white mini-van on the news pulling an O.J. you'll know who it is and what exactly she's running from.


krazy cake lady said...

I was so there in Dec. In just a few months you will be able to leave you kids in charge while you walk alone outside (wait thats me sometimes a break is so needed) can't wait to meet the lil baby.

hbentley said...

I have to smile, but I understand the the feelings of going AWOL. I hope that alot of moments in our lives we will be able to look back and smile. Right now with little ones there is more screaming the smiling.

Kevin and Jamie said...

Oh how I can identify with you! Just a few weeks ago I was struggling with this very thing! My husband was taking me and the baby for "rides" every night, just so I could have a gets better, I promise! So glad to see your blog btw! You are a huge crack up!

Jodi Simon said...

Who is screaming "i want to post a picture of the baby, i want to post a picture of the baby?" oh right- that would be me. Only you can portray life with such creativity and spark. Thanks Erika!!!