Sunday, March 29, 2009

More Things I Never Thought I'd say As A Parent.

Okay, just a few more things I heard come out of my mouth in recent days. Mind you, most of these things came out whilst driving with the kiddies to and from St. George...ALONE! That should be justification enough, right?

1- Are you familiar with the term adoption?

2- The next kid to make a peep gets dropped off in Scipio. (FYI, my father's family hails from this sleepy town. I'm sure the little dear(s) would have run into a relative sooner or later).

3- We are never taking another trip...EVER!

4- Just pee your pants.


Ashlyn said...

1 and 4 are my favorites!

Jodi Simon said...

DO you think your kids will have any lasting damage? LOVE IT!!!

Michele Ashman Bell said...

This is classic! I love that you can be so honest and open. Maybe you should take a poll on how many other parents have said exactly the same things!